Negative Effects Of Social Media

We all know the positive aspects of social media, the connectivity, the platform for sharing and growing, meeting like-minded people and so on. But to come to think of it, there are quite a few disadvantages to this whole social media bubble. What started as an innovative idea to get the world closer has become an addiction and reason for potential social disaster for the youth at different levels

  • Hacking and Cyber Bullying are the most common liability to an individual and a more serious misdemeanor of identity and data theft.  Misusing any leaked classified information could have serious repercussions if it falls into the wrong hands.
  • Abuse Posted pictures and videos on websites can be tampered with and be used in undesirable places. Abusing and defaming anonymously is also a common practice on social media
  • Deceipt Incidents of people meeting on social media websites, falling in love, being cheated financially and emotionally are not unheard of. Even employees could end up leaking or sharing confidential data resulting in serious ramifications for organizations.Image result for social media disadvantages for youth
  • Lack of social skills People start recoiling from face to face interactions due to excessive time spent on social media. They start lacking direct communication skills and are comfortable communicating only virtually with people. This lack of social interaction may lead to hormonal and mental imbalances
  • Inactivity Social media has led to a lazy generation. Instead of going to a friend or a relative, one just messages or calls. Even running a  chore or ordering food etc is just a click away, leaving fitness and activity far behind
  • No emotional connect A message or an emoticon cannot convey the real emotion behind the words. It leaves one wondering what the other actually feels
  • Escape Hiding emotions or confidence or even reality behind the screen is what attracts people to it who are either shy or a fraud. Lack of empathy also arises from interacting through social media
  • Diversions Distracts people from doing what they are actually doing and hooks them to unwanted scrolling and unnecessary screen time
  • Respectability Reputation of a company or an individual can be ruined just by someone creating rumors that spread like wildfire across the web
  • Health Adverse effects on health like stress, anxiety, poor eyesight are also serious issues caused due to excessive use of social media
  • Time Waster Social media is one of the most popular time waster and distraction. One finds solace in it when not able to do something or wants to escape something and where time flies no one knows
  • Shared narcissism Very often people live in self-deception by posting picture perfect shots and good news. Thus creating a perfect image of oneself that clouds the actual self-image. All this has rendered a  generation of self-obsessed narcissists. Every episode in life however frivolous becomes a source of self-promoting content.
  • Low-self worth A person constantly keeps looking for external validation  and if his reality does not match the digital illusion posted on their own profiles, one may end up feeling that he is not living up to his own “best” or that of his peers

As for everything else, social media has its flaws though it has brought to the world a common platform for thoughts and expressions. Correct and efficient use of social media is up to one’s own discretion. The knowledge of the risks and vulnerabilities equip us to use it to our advantage.



22nd March 2018


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