Tips On Writing A Questionnaire

A Questionnaire has questions that need to be interpreted by different people in the same way. So you need to know how to play with your words to serve this purpose. A questionnaire usually is made either to get feedback or input for maybe training, marketing or research on improvement of a service or a product or for record keeping. If a questionnaire is able to accumulate reliable and usable information, then it is an effective one. Let us go through what all needs to be kept in mind when writing a questionnaire

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Simple questions, simple language
Easily understandable language so it does not have to be read multiple times. Follow the “KISS” Keep it simple sweetheart. No beating around the bush, ask to the point questions. Simple questions render instinctive answers
Short questionnaire
Keep only the questions that are essential and useful. A questionnaire that gives a feeling of answering an exam will not be answered sincerely
Start well
An interesting question will grab the attention of the respondent. Tricky or difficult questions can be kept for later
Close-ended questions
Questions with definite answers are welcome. Open-ended questions distract and pressurize the respondent Ask questions like
Will you buy a particular product from our brand today
Instead of
What is the next purchase that you will make today
No biased questions
Questions that lead to an answer of your choice is not appreciated and does not serve the purpose of the survey
Provide scales
Response scales giving direction and intensity provide strong data for analysis than the true or false, yes or no type of answers
No coinciding options
In a multiple choice question, the choices should be clearly distinct from one another.
One question at a time
Do not mix two questions in one. Instead of asking would you like a game night or a movie night with friends, ask them separately with the extent of willingness as the options.
Dissect the questions
Instead of asking one big generalized question about a product, as multiple simple questions like
I would buy this product again
I enjoyed using the product
I would recommend it to a friend
For online surveys, show a progress bar and make sure it works on multiple operating systems and devices
Try and test
Send the survey to a few people before the final audience to get the feedback. Brainstorm to make required changes

A good questionnaire is the product of brainstorming, attentive writing, compiling, reviewing and rewriting. Though they seem simple, making surveys is a daunting task. Just by tweaking the questions and corresponding responses, the quality can be drastically improved rendering value to the result.


29th March 2018

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