Examination Tips

Exam time is the most stressful part of the academic year. With so much at stake, there is constant pressure to outshine. Fortunately, there are various easy ways to deal with this examination stress and channelize your energy in the right direction and achieve results that you always wanted

  • Make a timetable which you will strictly adhere to. Let the timetable have a variety of subjects to keep you hooked. Have a mix of memorizing and problem-solving subjects to keep it interesting
  • Highlight important points, read important information aloud and jot it down for better retention. Write keywords on the side of your notes so you can weave your answers around those words
  • Pin stuff that you need to remember like flowcharts, diagrams, important dates or formulae on your soft board. The visual aid will also help in better recall value.
  • Keep your notes ready and make flashcards for easy reference, anytime anywhere
  • Take short breaks to relax the brain and overcome unwanted stress, meet friends or take walks
  • Be prepared by knowing what kind of questions to expect
  • Solve old question papers so you know what the frequently asked questions are and the pattern of the paper, time yourself
  • Take help from teachers, friends and family during preparation, group studies also help
  • Sit with a friend or parent and explain to them the concepts and answers, this way you will know where you lack
  • Have a nutritious diet during and before exams so the brain gets proper nourishment
  • Keep yourself hydrated for the brain to work better
  • Sleep well before the exam so you are fresh during the exam. A good night’s sleep also boosts the memory
  • Pack your bag the previous night with all the required material like the hall ticket, pens, pencils, calculators and so on that, you will need during the exam
  • Last minute revision should consist of only the key concepts and important points, no stuffing the brain with too much last minute information
  • Wake up on time to avoid last minute rush, have breakfast, you do not want hunger to trouble you while taking your exam
  • Make sure you have checked the venue beforehand
  • Avoid discussion outside the examination hall, will only add to panic and confusion
  • Go to the toilet before the exam if you need to
  • Read instructions on the paper carefully, keep the time in mind
  • Count the number of pages, allocate time to be spent on each section
  • Attempt the answers you are most confident about
  • If you get stuck on some answer, skip it and get back to it
  • Review the answer paper for any mistakes before submitting it


So, keep aside the stress, and get down to work! All the best!



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