FIFA 2018


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France are deserving winners of the World Cup, their thrilling victory in the final against Croatia a befitting end to the most enjoyable tournament in recent memory. France have appeared in five of the last 11 World Cup and European Cup finals. They have won three titles. France’s depth of young talent indicates that they will continue to make huge strides on the world stage. By all accounts, as other European powers such as Germany and Spain begin to rebuild, France look likely to be the favourites at Euro 2020.

France were the second youngest team in the tournament. They have in Kylian Mbappe the most explosive young footballer in the game, the first teenager to score in a final since Pele in 1958. In midfielder Paul Pogba, they have a man who, not so long ago, was the most expensive player on the planet. In Antoine Griezmann, they have one of the most sublime attackers in the contemporary game.


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