Ways to make money online

Ways to make money online

There are many ways to make money online these days due to rapid change in this world of internet and social networking. Those people who are really very good at giving opinions can start doing it online and get paid for their opinions. The internet is more than a source of news and entertainment gossip. Today, tens of billions of dollars are being exchanged via a multitude of legitimate activities. More and more people are starting their own business on the internet and making extra money online. Some are even turning their online ventures into full – time internet.

  1. Starting Your Own Blog – or E-COMMERCE website – The first way is one of the most popular ways – Starting a blog/e-commerce website. Consider having a permanent presence on online but putting up your own website. Use it to share hobbies, thoughts, and passions with others and use your page to make your real connections with people. Even there are few people who write articles and get paid for it. This is one of the fastest ways to get your own piece of ‘virtual real estate’. For Example – www.Freenez.com.
  2. Affiliate Marketing – Even if you don’t have your own products or services to sell, affiliate marketing gives you a chance to earn strong commissions through a series of one time sales. The great thing about affiliate marketing is you don’t have to create your own products, you don’t have to provide any customer support, and you don’t have to create your own Marketing materials. Through contacts, it is very easy to do marketing as everything goes from mouth to mouth and from person to person.
  3. Online Publishing ( E-Books ) – Regardless of your own current occupation and lifestyle, there is probably a book inside of you that’s screaming to get out. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform has given thousands of people a chance to become Published authors and earn money through this.
  4. Online Surveys – This is one of the easiest ways to earn extra cash. Brand name corporations and market research firms are desperately seeking people’s opinion on products and services and will offer good remuneration for it. Depending on their companies, each survey can be worth Rs100, 150 or even more.
  5. Online Freelancing – If you have a specific writing/journalism skills or even proper professional skills. For Example – If I’m a nutritionist I can even consult people online by giving them tips and diets and charge them and they can do it online transfer. All I need is a computer with an internet connection and the desire to build a respectable clientele. Start your online business today! Think about it, making online money is surprisingly easy once you set your mind to specific income goals. Ideally, the activities that you choose to engage in are fun and offer fair compensation.



VASTU science has several remedies to ensure that a house remain blessed ,without making any structural changes. Once a person starts living in the house he or she comes under the influence of a specific energy field. To purify and make your home a positive place to live we need to follow vastu ……


Image result for vastu aquarium


Image result for vastu ganesh


Image result for vastu  salt

*WEST DIRECTION:-The west direction is governed by deity VARUN.This direction is ideal for students.

See the source image*NORTHWEST-This direction is governed by VAYU, This direction is best for keeping bedroom of newly married couple.

Image result for vastu  newly married couple

*NORTH DIRECTION-The direction is governed by deity kuber .This is the ideal place for young couples and also for storing valuables,jewellery and cash locker.

Image result for vastu  money

*SOUTH EAST:-This direction is governed by AGNI. This direction is not ideal for having bedroom as this may cause constant quarrels between couples and incurs excessive expenditure.

Image result for vastu fighting couple

*According vastu ,mirrors should not be located inside the bedroom as this leads to frequent misunderstanding and quarrels.

Image result for vastu mirror in bedroom

*Never have beam or girder running along the ceiling of the drawing room, since sitting under one causes mental turmoil.

Image result for vastu living room under beam

*To generate positive energy  and elevate the mood, display paintings depicting beauty of nature or scenery.

Image result for vastu painting

*Never display artificial flowers as it is deemed inauspicious .Even dried flowers attract misfortune as they represent autumn season.

Image result for vastu NATURAL FLOWER

*Use light curtains on the windows and doors in the NE wall ,heavy curtains for SW wall of the drawing room.

Image result for vastu curtain



One stop solution to your search

One stop solution to your search

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Leadership Skills

What is common between, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Dhirubhai Ambani, Barack Obama, Steve Jobs? They have been game changers of their times. They have inspired millions to follow them with their extraordinary qualities to achieve remarkable dimensions in their respective fields. They are LEADERS

Image result for leadershipLeadership means ‘the action of leading a group of people or an organization by an individual who uses his influence and interpersonal skills to stimulate and govern them towards a common aim’
A leader can lead a small group in an organization or the whole nation, both are leaders in their own right. The leader commands, modulates and gives direction to the working of the group. The leader by virtue of the skills he possesses succeeds in getting ready collaboration and allegiance of the supporters,  be it fighting for freedom or running an entire nation efficiently or even innovating something revolutionary. Here are some of  the characteristics

Visionary A leader can analyze the current trends and foresee the future market, how situations may unfold in the next few years. His plans are based on new technology and trends in the future

Accountability Taking responsibility and credibility of success and failure of every task undertaken. Staying committed to deadlines and owning up to mistakes. Responsibility to stakeholders, team members building trust that under your leadership you can bounce back from adversities.

Orientation An establishment comes into existence with a certain purpose. This needs direction, which needs effective leadership to administer the activities towards the attainment of the goals.

People and Communication skills Leader is the one with strong emotional intelligence. They build long-term relationships with respect and diplomacy for individual and overall output. The leader negotiates with suppliers, convinces clients, instills confidence, coaches subordinates, the Leader motivates the group to keep going and even walk the extra mile to achieve higher productivity. He even boosts the morale of the team members by appreciating their efforts and even rewarding them for it.

Initiative Looking beyond the assigned job, being far-sighted about the long-term goals and benefits of the organization. Brainstorming ideas and resolute to do the work that it takes. Also encouraging initiative is a key characteristic of a leader

Delegation One person cannot do everything so the leader can focus on the more important tasks and assign the other tasks to the others, thus giving them a feeling of empowerment. Micromanagement conveys lack of trust, the middle leadership does not take ownership, also diverts the leader’s attention from the most important business.

Creativity has always been at the heart of every team. “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” thus said, Steve Jobs. Exploring new experiences, learning new things and practising open-mindedness by asking questions continuously keeps the creativity bug going. Out of the box solutions to day to day, problems gives the leader an edge

Strategising for the Vision of the leader t0 eventuate, a long-term mindset, using research for making decisions and then contemplating on them. A leader plans for the long-term has a layout ready and starts taking practical steady steps towards the larger goal

Planning and Delivery Right attitude, the right decision making and detailed planning result in better delivery. Planning includes financial planning, strategic planning keeping the final result in mind and reviewing the information at a pre-decided frequency to ensure things are going in the right direction, raising a red flag at the right time in case circumstances become unbudgeable. Delivery happens with 100% quality and on time which results in increased revenue

These are the qualities needed for a leader, who people can idolize and follow promoting team-spirit and team­work for the success of the endeavor. Commitment, passion, honesty, creativity, help a good leader to turn around a topsy-turvy situation to his advantage, leaving footprints on the sands of time for others to follow and take inspiration


18th March 2018


International Business

International business means carrying on business activities beyond national boundaries. These activities normally include the transaction of economic resources such as goods, services (comprising technology, skilled labor, and transportation, etc.), and international production. Production may either involve the production of physical goods or provision of services like banking, finance, insurance, construction, trading, and so on. Thus, international business includes not only international trade of goods and services but also foreign investment, especially foreign direct investment.Image result for international business

International business is defined as transactions devised and carries out across international borders to satisfy corporations and individuals .’International business= Business transactions crossing national borders at any stage of the transaction.The international business comprises all commercial transactions private and governmental between two or more countries. Private companies undertake such transactions for profit; governments may or may not do the same in their transactions. These transactions include sales, investments and transportation.At one end international business is defined as, the organization that buys and or sells goods and services across two or more national boundaries, even if Management is located in a single country. At the other end, international business is defined as it is equated only with those big enterprises which have operating units outside their own country. In the middle, there are institutional arrangements that provide for some managerial direction of economic activity taking place abroad but stop short of controlling ownership of the business carrying on the activity, e.g, Joint ventures with locally owned business or with foreign governments. In foreign trade, visible physical goods or commodities move between countries as exports and imports. Exports consist of merchandise that leaves a country. Exporting and importing comprise the most fundamental, and usually the largest, international business activity in most countries. Foreign trade is the exchange of capital, goods, and services across international borders and territories. In Most countries, it represents a significant share of gross domestic product (GDP). Generally, no country is self – sufficient. It has to depend upon other countries for importing goods which are either non-available with it or are available in sufficient quantities. Similarly, It can export goods, which are in excess quantity with it and are in high demand outside. Foreign trades means trading of goods or services between two or more countries. For Example – trading between India and United States of America ( USA ) is called international trade. The goods or services sent by India to the USA shall be export of goods and services From India to the USA and for the USA , these goods or services shall be the import . Therefore, what is coming into the country is an ‘import’ and what is going out of the country is an ‘export’. The international business is a very comprehensive term, which includes many activities that are pursued by different organizations in order to capture a share of the foreign market, but which often goes unnoticed as a common man is unable to make out that they form a part of international business. There are a number of ways, normally called modes of international business, which could be adopted by the enterprises that want to enter an international business.

Coping With Financial Stress

Financial stress can go from inflicting damage on your wallet to ruining your health if you’re not careful. It is even one of the most common stressor that has the capability of triggering long-term diseases wrecking havoc to the budget further  As with any problem, the first step is to know the enemy so you can fight it. What is causing your financial stress? The obvious answer may be money but in what context and how can you cope with the stress being caused thereof. Here are a few practical ways to get over this financial stress

Your job is the most valuable asset, it pays your bills and takes care of your regular expenses. Be sure that your job doesn’t get affected. If feasible pursue a part-time or another working option for added income. There are various websites like www.freenez.com   and www.groweasyincome.com that allow this option of additional income.

Start with creating a budget it is the best tool to get control of the finances it helps you decide when and how you are going to spend your money and will change your financial situation by cutting expenses in different areas each month to get a perfect balance.

Contingency fund Start setting aside some money to cover for unforeseen events or an emergency. Start small and then work up to about six months of your expenses. Surprisingly the stress will start reducing once the savings start building.

Question the not enough feeling of inadequacy you might have. Often comes from childhood deprivation or any other trauma. Work on your mind, know that self-esteem is an internal characteristic, not defined by your external status or social, financial position

Goal setting, having a dream such as clearing major loans in a particular time span.

Find out what needs to be changed, your source of income or your spending habits. Once the cause of the problem is detected, work on solving it. Look for a better paying job, write down your expenses to eliminate sources of unwanted expenses. Start clearing bills slowly but steadily, start with higher interest rate cards

No one minds your money as well as you will. Don’t look to be taken care of by someone else, learn to manage your money on your own, take advice and suggestions refer to finance magazines and websites to be able to manage your finances wisely. You can also take financial courses that coach you through budgeting and other aspects of your personal finances.

Try physical exercise, maybe swimming, dancing, walking, meditation to reduce stress. Regular exercise will. Think and talk positively. Do not get into the wishful thinking mode of having more money and being able to spend it on your dreams. Think different ways of making more money

Plan time to relax and stay in touch with people you care about.  Venting out your emotions with them might also help. Meet friends and family, spend happy time with them to take your mind off the stress.  There are lots of things you can do and places you can go that are free, or cost just a little.

In some cases, earning more money is the solution to financial problems, not to the extent of inflating your lifestyle when you get more of it. This will neither reduce your stress nor bring you more happiness.  So remember that no one is immune from money stress, not even the super wealthy. It is how you manage your money and how it in turn manages you.


27th February 2018


Traits of Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneur bug bites everyone at some or the other stage of life. It takes a lot of mettle to be able to go from a dreamer to a doer.
A person who takes the risk of converting a new idea into reality is an Entrepreneur.
Traits of a successful Entrepreneur are

Innovative and Opportunistic  They’re creative, innovative and resourceful, at all stages, product, service, marketing and so on. They see and grab opportunities other people miss. They also look at things objectively and examine the feasibility.

Willingness to take risks Risks are part of any business, and a successful entrepreneur will have the knack of taking calculated risks and not impulsively that will only benefit the business.

Initiative  They take the initiative in starting projects and getting ideas off the ground. They are proactive people, who set goals and for themselves and put the extra effort needed to achieve what they have set out for.

Self-reliance and Perseverance Successful entrepreneurs try to take full responsibility for their actions, depend solely on themselves and their resources and abilities, as it is the outcome of their own choices and decisions. They are relentless and do not give up easily

Inner Drive to Succeed They are self-motivated and ambitious. They see the bigger picture and stay focussed and committed to their goals and try to achieve them regardless of the obstacles that come their way. Because of this passion and drive, they can put in as many hours as needed, irrespective of consequences

Born Leader They have a vision and a drive to see through and achieve that vision. They are able to get work done, coach, help, motivate people up the ladder of reaching their goals.

Technical Expertise Technical know-how of the field one works in is essential for an entrepreneur. In-depth knowledge is imperative to be able to start and run a successful business.

Awareness of the market and trends  These days the internet is used as a platform for all the operations of a business, be it branding, marketing, sales, running a business, even complete business models are based of online. Keeping oneself up to date with these trends, one can grow business as per the market tendency.

Healthy mind and body are also a prerequisite for an entrepreneur to be able to sustain the grind of starting and running one’s own business

Creativity and Imagination Thinking out of the box, coming up with unconventional solutions for conventional issues. An idea can change your life. The entrepreneur comes up with that life-changing idea.

Zeal and Vigour They need to be full of energy to be able to take up the challenges posed by situations arising in a business. Hardworking and energetic individuals keep moving ahead themselves and motivating others on account of their drive and determination.

Managerial and Administrative skills are necessary for running a business. Planning and developing a business, strategizing the marketing and sales, running the operations, handling finances, knowing what where and how much to spend and save, budgeting, managing people, getting work done, having a strong network, being able to convince vendors and clients alike, negotiating, having good personal relations are all attributes of a successful entrepreneur

Updation of skills and knowledge is fundamental to the growth of an entrepreneur. The thirst to be part of the whole business cycle,  from concept to design and creation, from sales to business operations and customer response is satisfying and exciting for the Entrepreneur. Some skills are inbuilt, some can be acquired, for others hire people with skill sets that complement yours. Which ones do you have!


27th February 2018

How My Website Helps Business Grow

In this age of the Internet, a business without a website is like a man without a face. Unless you tell people what you are doing, how will they know your ability? A website is an essential business tool for growing the business.

Your website helps to automate your marketing and sales campaigns promoting the growth of the business on its own. Nothing beats the joy of getting leads from your website, without you having to find new customers and convince them. Or completed a transaction while you were sleeping.

Here are a few ways your website can help develop your business

  • The face of your business People tend to buy stuff from someone they know and can trust. Your website does this job of building this trust and give them a know-how of what you are into, hence acting as a powerful tool for introduction
  • Attracts Business Once people know that you mean serious business, the word will spread and new clients will find it and refer others to it. Then the website introduces your products and services, saving you of the high wasteful costs of brochures and other outdoor marketing techniques. The best part is it works locally, nationally as well as globally; giving it a global reach.
  • Low-cost Marketing A website is an easy tool when it comes to advertising and marketing. Other methods like Facebook ads can also be used. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another tool. The SEO service provider can heighten the ranking of your website which quickly results in increased sales and higher profits
  • My Go-to Salesman Your website can explain benefits, features, and advantages of your product or services. Consistent updating and promoting contents of the website will drive more people to it. Answer the Frequently Asked Questions, address anticipated objections. Better still, nudge them to take action by signing up entering their card details and making a purchase right now! So you interact only with genuinely interested buyers. It does the filtering job for you as well
  • Links are very important as far as viral marketing is concerned. If there are many sites linking to you, the word is being spread around the world. If your website has good content associated with your product or service, people will be more inclined towards linking your website to theirs thus promoting it further
  • Client Database can be built easily with the website, there would be thousand potential clients who stop by your website. If you keep presenting value and record their email addresses, these potential clients will become valued customers to loyalists to your brand
  • Strong bond The customers can review product features online and leave feedbacks to which you can send responses which strengthen your credibility and customer-seller bond
  • Self-operating Store Your website sells the products and services 24/7 thus easy on you and the customers. With minimal development cost, no distribution, no employees to manage
  • Permanent relationship Once transacted, maybe your services or products are not needed by clients for a while, maybe they need it after a period of time. At such time, you want them to think of you. The automated emails of your website will help keep the relationship warm and give them reminders at regular intervals

All this can be done by someone who you can hire and you can focus on the other important stuff and have your business growing for you. This is how an effective and progressive website will help your business grow by leaps and bounds


20th February, 2018

wanna know me better….here is my dot com..

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When we sign up with FACEBOOK  we want to connect to our family and friends, when we signed up with LinkedIn we wanted to make professional connections .After your identity is established, you then start branching out with your connections and building your social network.

The idea of having  WEBSITE was somewhat limited to certain professions like IT, researchers, artists etc. With the advancement of technology like WordPress, blogger, building your own identity in the world of networking is super easy nowadays.


A WEBSITE gives you control over your image. whether you are applying for a job or starting a business, having the control over what information you would like to share  is a powerful tool for your self image.It can be your primary reference in the world of internet.Having a personal website and blog will aid you in many ways. Your career will benefit from it and so will your personal brand and development.



Give your customer a genuine experience to understand what you and your business is all about.


Building your own website is a smart move than spending that amount on professional designers or any other multimedia company.


If you build your own website ,you  will save money ,time and hassle by being able to update it yourself.

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groweasyincome.com offers free personal domain name and website including free hosting for premium members.

Dr.Shireesha maddali




Demonetization Overview

Demonetization means a particular currency, ceases to be legal tender. On the 8th, November 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced in a surprise address to the nation that Rs. 500 and Rs.1000 would no longer be legal tender from midnight of the same night. The decision was taken to curtail the perils of black money and corruption. It caused and resulted in many social, political and economic effects

The Advantages of Demonetization were

  • It was the first move from Cash Economy to Digital Economy thus progressing towards a Cashless Economy. People started using more of debit and credit cards and mobile wallets instead of cash. Digitalization will, in turn, create transparency in transactions and online lending space.
  • It was a huge blow to the parallel economy creating hurdles for black money hoarders, the government has been able to track black money
  • Fake currency was eradicated out of the system for those high-value currencies
  • It placed a temporary brake on terrorist activities
  • Disclosure of income in the form of depositing money in the bank accounts led to major generation of tax revenue
  • The unaccounted money came back into the banking system thus strengthening the banks
  • It brought down the rate of inflation during the months that followed demonetization, as the prices of day-to-day consumer goods came down


  • The biggest disadvantage was the inconvenience caused to the common man disrupting their day-to-day life. Long ATM queues, inadequate supply of new notes. Cash-based businesses, manufacturers and all sections of business suffered losses. The daily wage earners were badly affected. Rural India faced worse situations due to lack of banks and ATMs in their localities
  • The Economic growth slowed down, the GDP went down
  • Due to substantial cash component in the Realty market transactions, sales were hampered significantly. Though slowly it is reviving
  • The Government had to bear huge costs for destroying the old currency and printing new ones
  • Many black money hoarders had their funds invested in assets like real estate, gold and so on which could not be traced
  • It made a minor dent in corruption

With all the pros and cons of demonetization, what was criticised the most was the implementation. The implementation of any such idea is more critical in a country like India than the policy itself.  The suffering of the common man could have been minimized with better planning.

The demonetization isn’t the only measure to curb black money and corruption. Regulations that target root cause, that is, transactions leading to generation of black money and not the cash output should be made


28th January2018