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Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja were married in a traditional Sikh wedding on the morning of Tuesday, May 8, 2018 in Mumbai and a reception was  later in the evening.

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The bride wore a traditional red lehenga designed by Anuradha Vail with beaded jewellery for the Anand Karaj which was attended by actors such as Saif Ali Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and many more


Born on July 29 1983 in New Delhi, India, Anand Ahuja completed his education at the American Embassy School before starting an MBA from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, but he did not complete it.

Anand then went on to do an internship as a product manager at Amazon in Seattle and today, is the CEO and Managing Director of the clothing brand Bhane, the largest export company in India.

He is also the founder of India’s first shoe store Veg Non Veg and a managing director of Shahi Exports, owned by his father Harish Ahuja.
Anand garnered media attention after he started dating Sonam Kapoor.

On 8th may,whole Bollywood gathered in Hotel The Leela Mumbai to celebrate the togetherness of the newly wedded couple ,And like the fashion-forward couple, their guest too made jaw-dropping appearances in both traditional and modern ensembles. Metallics seemed to be the theme for the night with everyone stepping up in their shimmery and chic outfits.

Sonam Kapoor-Anand Ahuja wedding reception photos

Sonam Kapoor-Anand Ahuja marriage reception pics

Sonam Kapoor-Anand Ahuja marriage reception photos

Sonam Kapoor-Anand Ahuja wedding reception images

Sonam Kapoor wedding reception photos

Sonam Kapoor Marriage Reception Pics

We wish for their bright future



Mahaveer jayanti


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Mahaveer janma kalyanak also known as mahaveer jayanti, is one of the important religious festival for jains. According to jain texts, mahaveer was born on the 13 th day of the bright half of the moon in the month of Chaitra in the year 599BCE. Mahaveer was born into ikshvaku dynasty as the son of king SIDDHARTHA OF KUNDAGRAMA and queen  TRISHALA.

During her pregnancy TRISHALA was believed to have had a number of auspicious dreams.Mahaveer was named ‘vardhamana’ which means ‘one who grows’ because of the increased prosperity in the kingdom at the time of his birth.

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The idol of mahaveer is carried out on a chariot,in a procession called rath yatra. Statues of mahaveer are given a ceremonial anointment called the abhishekha.

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During this auspicious day devotees visit temples and offer prayers as well as charitable acts are performed for peace.Special parades are carried out by the devotee,showcasing a montage on the life of MAHAVEER.Donations are collected to promote charitable missions.The gift can be of any form i.e. GYAN DAAN,ABHAY DAAN AUSHAD DAAN OR AHAAR DAAN.



Know Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking was born on January 8, 1942 and died on March 14, 2018. He was the wheelchair-ridden scientist who gave lectures with the aid of a computerized speech synthesizer. He was a British scientist, a renowned professor at Cambridge University in England, and the author of the best-selling book “A Brief History of Time.” He performed revolutionary work in physics and cosmology. He is responsible for bringing science to the common man. He is noted for his study of black holes and the origin of the universe. There is also a film based on his life ‘The Theory Of Everything’.

  • Hawkings was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) at the age of 21 while he was at the University of Cambridge studying cosmology.  ALS is a rare neurological disease that destroys the neurons which control voluntary muscles in the body. It was miraculous that he lived for as long as he did with that condition because of his determination to overcome unexpected adversity. As he rightly said, “However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”
  • In 1974, Hawking’s radiation theory research made him a popular within the scientific world. He showed that black holes emit radiation and should eventually evaporate and disappear. This discovery set Hawking on a career path marked by awards, notoriety and distinguished titles that reshaped the thinking about black holes and the universe. He was named as a fellow of the Royal Society and even merited the prestigious Albert Einstein Award.
  • In 1988 Hawking skyrocketed to global popularity with the publication of A Brief History of Time. The book is a description of cosmology for the masses and offered an overview of how the universe actually is and how we see it. It was an instant success.
  • In 2007, he made an important progress towards space travel. He had the opportunity to experience a zero-gravity environment. He was freed from his wheelchair in a Boeing 727 designed for training and experienced bursts of weightlessness.

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  • Hawking attended the Sweden conference in August 2015, to discuss new theories about black holes and the infamous black hole  “information paradox.” The solution to the paradox of what becomes of an object that enters a black hole could be black hole ‘hairs’ that form on the event horizon, making a kind of two-dimensional holographic imprint of whatever’s been sucked in.
  • In March 2018 Neil deGrasse Tyson interviewed Stephen Hawking, they discussed what he conceived of the universe as it existed before the Big Bang. Hawking said, that one could regard imaginary and real-time beginning at the South Pole. There is nothing south of the South Pole, so there was nothing around before the Big Bang.
  • He used a speech-generating device (SGD) or a voice output communication aid, this replaces speech or writing. His cheek movement was detected by an infrared switch mounted on his spectacles. This switch was his interface with the computer. The software ACAT included a word prediction algorithm provided by SwiftKey, trained on his books and lectures, so he usually only had to type the first couple of characters and select the whole word. Once the sentence was formed, it was sent to the speech synthesizer.  This is how he conveyed his enlightening thoughts and lectures.

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  • His last paper predicted multiverse also how our universe would eventually fade into blackness as the stars run out of energy. “I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail, There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.” said the atheist and the greatest mind ever about death.


19th March 2018


who is priya prakash varrier ?


A Young woman who has only just started her acting journey in the Malayalam film industry with oru adaar, in a film that is yet to be completed ,has found herself in unimaginable fame overnight.

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she became an overnight sensation after she put up a teaser  which went viral in seconds .A see saw with her eyebrow and the lingering wink has made her one of the fastest growing Indian celebrities online.

Priya is a student at Thrissur’s vimala college.she is trained classical dancer and she can also be seen dressed in mohiniyattam costume in some Instagram photos of her.

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while miss. varrier currently has 4.5 million followers on the platform which is even more than zuckerberg who has merely 4 million followers on the platform.

The truth is social media -when used strategically over time is the most powerful form of marketing and market research the world has ever seen. Today celebrities  maintain a separate manager for handling social media .





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Sree devi was born as SHREE AMMA YANGER AYYAPAN on 13 aug 1963 in Sivakasi Tamil Nadu.She belonged to a TAMIL BRAHMIN family and was born to lawyer Ayyapan yanger and Rajeswari yanger.

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She made her first on screen appearance at the age of 4 in 1967 in the tamil film THUNAIVAN,in which she played the role of young Lord Muruga.Her performance was much appreciated and gave her fame as a child artist.She made her acting debut as an actress in 1979 with the film SOLVA SAWAN

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Among her best known works were MR.INDIA(1987),CHANDANI(1989),LAMHE(1991),After marrying BONEY KAPOOR IN 1996 ,She retired herself from acting and devoted herself completely to her family.

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Initially,it was considered to be rumored that she secretly got married to MITHUN CHAKRABORTHY in 1985 but when FAN MAGAZINE published their marriage certificate ,it was cleared and created a huge controversy.

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She was accused of being a homewrecker after she married to BONEY KAPOOR, because he was already married to MONA SHOURIE and was  father of ARJUN AND ANSHULA.SREE AND BONEY have two daughters named JAHANVI AND KHUSHI.

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SREEDEVI used to paint during her free time.Some of her paintings were sold in 2010 by an International Art Auction House.Though  she was not professionally trained in dancing,she was considered to be the finest dancer.

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After marriage she took a break of 6 years and made her comeback in 2004 by featuring in MALINI IYER.In 2005 she judged the tv show KABOOM.She even appeared in tv show SATYAMEV JAYATE for a social cause.In 2012 after 15 years ,sree made a comeback with ENGLISH WINGLISH.MOM (2017) which marked her 300th film ,was termed as her last film as an actress,but her last onscreen appearance will be in Anand rai’s ZERO in a cameo.

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She got FILM FARE FOR BEST ACTRESS IN 1992,1990,1991,1982,1977.She was also honoured with PADMASHRI in 2013.

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SREEDEVI died on 24 feb 2018 at 19:00 GMT in room no-2201 of the JUMERIRAH EMIRATED TOWER HOTEL IN DUBAI due to accidental drowning at the bathtub,she went their to attend her nephew mohit marwah’s wedding.Condolence have poured in since the death of the actor, who redefined the importance of the female lead in india’s largerly male dominated film industry.

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Darwin’s Theory Wrong – Satyapal Singh

Saturday, January 20, 2018, several reports were out about the Union Minister, Satyapal Singh’s speech made in Aurangabad at the ‘All India Vedic Sammelan’. He was quoted saying, “Darwin’s theory of Evolution is scientifically wrong”. Singh, the Junior Minister of State for Human Resource Development, the department responsible for education in India also said, “It needs to change in school and college curriculum. Ever since humans came to Earth, they have always been humans,” he said. He also stated that nobody ever saw an ape turn into a human and that our ancestors nowhere mentioned that they ever saw an ape turning into a human. He did not offer any scientific counter to the theory though
Darwin’s theory states that all life has descended from a common ancestor, this evolution took millions of years. All complex forms of life evolved from simpler ones through genetic mutation.

Scientists attacked him for dismissing Darwin’s theory. Scientists said it was politically polarizing science, they said that the minister lacks knowledge. Scientists from all the well-known academies of India have unanimously drafted a letter urging him to retract his statement. The letter mentioned that Indian scientists and scientifically oriented ones are pained by his claim. There is plentiful and undeniable scientific evidence to the fact that humans and apes had a common ancestor, every new discovery adds support to Darwin’s insight. Also, statements like Singh’s would harm efforts to propagate scientific thought in the country, that it would also diminish the image of the country at the global level. This petition after being signed by the supporters will be submitted to the Ministry of HRD, the PM’s office, and the President on the 24th of January 2018.

Celebrities also took a dig at him by telling him to stop Monkeying around and tweeting things like even apes have joined the protest against the theory and deny any involvement in the creation of human beings. Even the opposition attacked BJP and the PM for appointing someone who has no regard for scientific reasoning

However, on Sunday, Singh stood by his remarks. He said that Darwin’s theory was being challenged by various eminent scientists the world over and that “Darwinism is a Myth”. He said that he-Singh,  was a man of science so would not make claims without any basis. He even proposed for an international debate on the issue to decide if Darwin’s evolution theory merited a place in school textbooks. All types of scientists be invited to the debate. According to him, media was fuelling controversy over his statement

99% of the human DNA and that of the Chimpanzee match and that is proof enough of Darwin’s theory. But before concluding that logic and reason was soundly defeated by Singh’s statement, one needs to keep in mind his background , he is an MSc, an MPhil in Chemistry from Delhi University, has an MBA in Strategic Management from Australia, and an MA in Public Administration, including a PhD on the Naxalite movement. Some food for thought!



23rd January 2018