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There used to be a time of love where first impression was everything.In  todays digital era we are more concerned with the social compatibility or we can call it as social media compatibility.

Different sites gives you different benefits to get a perfect partner whether by swiping right or clicking on yes. Thanks to technology ,dating apps and new found norms ,there has been a shift in the dating age.

Back in the day there used to be a customary courtship and predestined roadmap to a relationship .Although the change in norms can be confusing,there is another major factor that has dominated the dating scene …TECHNOLOGY

so here lets talk about chummyclub…

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Dr.shireesha Maddali

Digital Detox

Sleeping with the phone under the pillow? Insecurity in the absence of the phone? These are symptoms of a person who is in need of a digital detox. A digital detox is a time during which a person refrains from using electronic devices such as smartphones or computers, utilizing this time to do what he is supposed to. Though technology has its advantages, people are now cognizant of the negative impact and know that the addiction to it is real. So how do we unplug and take a break to be tech-free, above all overcome the fear of missing out?

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  • Do not use your phone as an alarm clock
  • Do not take your phone first thing in the morning, give yourself a good half an hour to prepare for the day
  • Turn off push notifications on all apps, be it social media, dating apps or messengers
  • Set a time of the day to check the notifications, or decide to check them every two or three hours
  • Set a time limit, even if one thing leads to another, curb your temptation and keep the gadget aside after the time limit
  • Start slow, maybe no gadgets at the dinner table or
  • Assign a day off your gadgets, once a week. Maybe a Sunday when there is no workload and you are engaged with family and fun. Let people know you are offline
  • Introspect and analyze which apps or sites consume your maximum time, try to simulate the effects in real life. Like physically meeting new people with common interests and likings, maybe a walking buddy or visit an art gallery or a Zumba session
  • Keep your phone out of reach while driving
  • Make your bedroom a gadget-free zone
  • Remind yourself that social media shows only the highlights of others’ lives and is not the be all of one’s life

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Have substitutes ready to clampdown temptations

  • Have books, magazines ready for reading
  • Take a short walk when temptation sets in
  • Meet your social media friends in person
  • Spend time with family
  • Take up an outdoor activity
  • Run chores
  • Try your hand at something new like gardening
  • Play board games
  • Talk to neighbors
  • Make new friends, catch up with old ones
  • Take up new hobbies
  • Make memories instead of capturing them
  • Meditate to calm your mind and convince it that you are doing the right thing
  • Mentally repeat a mantra to deter the urge of grabbing the gadget
  • Explore places you have always wanted to
  • Focus on life issues that you have been procrastinating
  • Reward yourself if you achieve your goal of abstinence

Advantages of disconnecting

  • More empathy towards others
  • Better relationships
  • More relaxation
  • Better posture
  • Stronger personal bonds
  • Insight into the way your mind works
  • Boosted memory due to undivided attention to the present
  • Better sleep
  • Improves health saves from eye strain and a phenomenon called ‘text neck’
  • Helps get over shyness, anxiety, depression and loneliness
  • Increases attention span

Start and more importantly stick to the detox to have a life-changing and enjoyable experience. Live in the present moment for a stress-free and anxiety free life. End the slavery to technology, switch off to get back the normalcy in our lives. Experience these benefits in your daily life and eliminate the dependencies incrementally until you are in control of your lives again


stephen hawking


Stephen Hawking was regarded as one of the most brilliant theoretical physicists in history. His work on the origins and structure of the universe, from the big bang to black holes, revolutionized the field.

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British cosmologist STEPHEN HAWKING was born in ENGLAND on jan 8 1942.His father was well known  researcher in tropical medicine,urged  his son to seek a career in medicine but Stephen was interested in physics ,so he attended university college oxford,where he studied physics,despite his father’s urging to focus on medicine.Hawking went on to Cambridge to research cosmologist.

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In the early 1963,Hawking was diagnosed with MOTOR NEURON DISEASE.He was not expected to live more than two years.As the disease spread,Hawking become less mobile and began using wheelchair.Talking grew more challenging and in 1985 an emergency tracheostomy caused his total loss of speech.

Hawking’s research led him to study the characteristics of the best known singularity:the black hole.A black hole’s edges called the event horizon can be detected.He proved that it can be increased but can never decreased.In 1974 he outlined his theory that black hole leak energy and fade away to nothing .This became known as ‘HAWKING RADIATION”in 1974.

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His book  A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME AND THE UNIVERSE IN A NUTSHELL have both became runaway bestsellers.Hawking became one of the most famous scientist of his generation.Hawking had the capacity to relate the most complex physics to relatable incidents in everyday life.

Image result for stephen hawking BOOKImage result for The Universe In A Nutshell Book

In the late 1990’s ,he was reportedly offered a knighthood,but 10 years later revealed he had turned down  over issues with the government’s funding for science.

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Stephen hawking passed away on 14 march 2018 at his home in Cambridge.





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Tips On Writing A Questionnaire

A Questionnaire has questions that need to be interpreted by different people in the same way. So you need to know how to play with your words to serve this purpose. A questionnaire usually is made either to get feedback or input for maybe training, marketing or research on improvement of a service or a product or for record keeping. If a questionnaire is able to accumulate reliable and usable information, then it is an effective one. Let us go through what all needs to be kept in mind when writing a questionnaire

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Simple questions, simple language
Easily understandable language so it does not have to be read multiple times. Follow the “KISS” Keep it simple sweetheart. No beating around the bush, ask to the point questions. Simple questions render instinctive answers
Short questionnaire
Keep only the questions that are essential and useful. A questionnaire that gives a feeling of answering an exam will not be answered sincerely
Start well
An interesting question will grab the attention of the respondent. Tricky or difficult questions can be kept for later
Close-ended questions
Questions with definite answers are welcome. Open-ended questions distract and pressurize the respondent Ask questions like
Will you buy a particular product from our brand today
Instead of
What is the next purchase that you will make today
No biased questions
Questions that lead to an answer of your choice is not appreciated and does not serve the purpose of the survey
Provide scales
Response scales giving direction and intensity provide strong data for analysis than the true or false, yes or no type of answers
No coinciding options
In a multiple choice question, the choices should be clearly distinct from one another.
One question at a time
Do not mix two questions in one. Instead of asking would you like a game night or a movie night with friends, ask them separately with the extent of willingness as the options.
Dissect the questions
Instead of asking one big generalized question about a product, as multiple simple questions like
I would buy this product again
I enjoyed using the product
I would recommend it to a friend
For online surveys, show a progress bar and make sure it works on multiple operating systems and devices
Try and test
Send the survey to a few people before the final audience to get the feedback. Brainstorm to make required changes

A good questionnaire is the product of brainstorming, attentive writing, compiling, reviewing and rewriting. Though they seem simple, making surveys is a daunting task. Just by tweaking the questions and corresponding responses, the quality can be drastically improved rendering value to the result.


29th March 2018

Negative Effects Of Social Media

We all know the positive aspects of social media, the connectivity, the platform for sharing and growing, meeting like-minded people and so on. But to come to think of it, there are quite a few disadvantages to this whole social media bubble. What started as an innovative idea to get the world closer has become an addiction and reason for potential social disaster for the youth at different levels

  • Hacking and Cyber Bullying are the most common liability to an individual and a more serious misdemeanor of identity and data theft.  Misusing any leaked classified information could have serious repercussions if it falls into the wrong hands.
  • Abuse Posted pictures and videos on websites can be tampered with and be used in undesirable places. Abusing and defaming anonymously is also a common practice on social media
  • Deceipt Incidents of people meeting on social media websites, falling in love, being cheated financially and emotionally are not unheard of. Even employees could end up leaking or sharing confidential data resulting in serious ramifications for organizations.Image result for social media disadvantages for youth
  • Lack of social skills People start recoiling from face to face interactions due to excessive time spent on social media. They start lacking direct communication skills and are comfortable communicating only virtually with people. This lack of social interaction may lead to hormonal and mental imbalances
  • Inactivity Social media has led to a lazy generation. Instead of going to a friend or a relative, one just messages or calls. Even running a  chore or ordering food etc is just a click away, leaving fitness and activity far behind
  • No emotional connect A message or an emoticon cannot convey the real emotion behind the words. It leaves one wondering what the other actually feels
  • Escape Hiding emotions or confidence or even reality behind the screen is what attracts people to it who are either shy or a fraud. Lack of empathy also arises from interacting through social media
  • Diversions Distracts people from doing what they are actually doing and hooks them to unwanted scrolling and unnecessary screen time
  • Respectability Reputation of a company or an individual can be ruined just by someone creating rumors that spread like wildfire across the web
  • Health Adverse effects on health like stress, anxiety, poor eyesight are also serious issues caused due to excessive use of social media
  • Time Waster Social media is one of the most popular time waster and distraction. One finds solace in it when not able to do something or wants to escape something and where time flies no one knows
  • Shared narcissism Very often people live in self-deception by posting picture perfect shots and good news. Thus creating a perfect image of oneself that clouds the actual self-image. All this has rendered a  generation of self-obsessed narcissists. Every episode in life however frivolous becomes a source of self-promoting content.
  • Low-self worth A person constantly keeps looking for external validation  and if his reality does not match the digital illusion posted on their own profiles, one may end up feeling that he is not living up to his own “best” or that of his peers

As for everything else, social media has its flaws though it has brought to the world a common platform for thoughts and expressions. Correct and efficient use of social media is up to one’s own discretion. The knowledge of the risks and vulnerabilities equip us to use it to our advantage.



22nd March 2018


Cyber Crime Safety

Cybercrime is a universal issue tormenting the world. Cybercrime is defined as criminal activities carried out by means of computers or the Internet
Due to the growing number of people attaining access to the internet,
evolution in technology, the global population is getting more vulnerable to participation in cybercrime, either the predator or the prey. Cybercrime is
swiftly propagating from simple e-mail misconduct to far-reaching violations like theft of information, email bombing to crashing servers and so forthImage result for cybercrime
Cybercrime is different and more reprehensible than conventional crime here electronic medium is used. It involves individual citizen, to groups to huge businesses, to the government and the world at large.
Various laws have been brought into existence. There are various classifications on the basis of the crimes and the victims of the same. Against individuals, property, government or against the society at large.

Cybercrime is a problem because it puts internet users at risk of being taken advantage of or harmed. Let us now learn of measures that can be taken to protect oneself and the data from cybercrime.Image result for anti virus software

  • Use anti-virus Software- Firewalls and latest anti-virus software should be installed wherever possible Even if it slows down the system, it can save all your work which would otherwise be destroyed by an attack. In case of businesses, hire Security Experts if needed. Like the saying goes better safe than sorry
  • Block-Suspicious or unknown accounts are better blocked. Do not accept friend requests from doubtful strangers.
  • Online Shopping Shop only from secured sights. Try choosing the Cash On Delivery option where ever possible. The online retailer’s internet address will change from “http” to “https” to indicate a connection is secure, make sure you check this and proceed with the payment. Don’t store your card details on websites, put in those extra seconds everytime to enter the details. Image result for passwords
  • Passwords– Use strong passwords for all your IDs. Use different passwords for different sites
  • Multiple email accounts Have separate accounts for official and informal transactions so even if one of the accounts gets hacked, all your banking and passport details are not compromised.
  • No unwanted clicking– Do not acknowledge pop-ups, as they might contain malicious software tricking you into installing malware. Similar strategies are used by hackers by luring you into opening links or attachments and in turn installing malware which makes your device vulnerable. Emails claiming that you have won high-value Lottery or any kind of money is dangerous, DO NOT entertain such emails.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 It may not be practicable to eradicate cybercrime but it is quite possible to check them. Crime cannot be completely extinguished from the society. If every cyberspace user takes that one extra step to safeguard himself and his data and business, exploitation of it may be saved. Various laws are put in place for the variety of cyber crimes, but don’t they say, ‘Prevention is better than cure’


22nd March 2018


How Social Media Helps The Youth Grow

The internet is a new wave that has engulfed the entire globe.With so much information heralded over the world wide web, social media has become the  With loads of information being disseminated over the Internet, social media has become the very essence of the foundation of the society. Whether this change has been for the better or worse depends on how you look at it.

All is not bad with social media. As an optimist and an eclectic let us discuss the positive aspects of the new way of humans connecting with each other.

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  • Social media can help you keep in touch with family and friends all over the world, talk to them, even see them. Helps share facts and memories. Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on are the most convenient means to meet like-minded people and establish new relations and a cost-effective way of being connected with loved ones irrespective of the geographical locations
  • Social media helps at various stages of Education, as a trusted source of information, connecting with experts, learning applications, videos help to collect information.  These connections can help one with a variety of things like seeking a new job, locating assistance, making or receiving advice etc
  • Exhibiting skills It is a great platform to share and showcase one’s skills. The whole world is open for all to unveil one’s hidden potential. How one video or just a clip can go viral and reach the world over is what all of us have witnessed in recent times.
  • Expression It is a fantastic way to get people to express themselves. Be it via Facebook status or writing on the walls or even tweeting and displaying various aspects of your personality. Contributing to debates on websites or creating content like blogs or short videos also gives expressions to one’s thoughts. It is easier to convey your fields of interest and your opinions with the advantage of having an audience for all your expressions.
  • Creativity and Innovation Social media gives creativity wings and a base to be able to share and conceptualize the mental picture. With so much exposure, the brain is also tickled to push its imagination
  • Confidence and socially interactive This is an outlet to share views, talents and connect with the outside world which gives the confidence to face the world and interact with them
  • Create Awareness Media keeps one updated with the current Social and political happenings, current affairs. Information spreads faster on social media, it also empowers individuals with the knowledge and opportunity to evolve with changing times
  • Learning something new Innumerable learning apps and videos are on social media to hone new skills, like various languages or musical instrument, you name it and it pops up at the click of the mouse.
  • Opportunities Compelling and relevant content grabs the attention of the pertinent. It could be a job position or an investor for one’s entrepreneurial proposition or even boosting traffic on your website.  Even finding customers for products or services and getting feedback for the same.

Social media has not only become part of peoples’ lives but their lives seem o revolve around it. Though these positives cannot camouflage the negatives that come with social media, which we save for another discussion.

Know Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking was born on January 8, 1942 and died on March 14, 2018. He was the wheelchair-ridden scientist who gave lectures with the aid of a computerized speech synthesizer. He was a British scientist, a renowned professor at Cambridge University in England, and the author of the best-selling book “A Brief History of Time.” He performed revolutionary work in physics and cosmology. He is responsible for bringing science to the common man. He is noted for his study of black holes and the origin of the universe. There is also a film based on his life ‘The Theory Of Everything’.

  • Hawkings was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) at the age of 21 while he was at the University of Cambridge studying cosmology.  ALS is a rare neurological disease that destroys the neurons which control voluntary muscles in the body. It was miraculous that he lived for as long as he did with that condition because of his determination to overcome unexpected adversity. As he rightly said, “However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”
  • In 1974, Hawking’s radiation theory research made him a popular within the scientific world. He showed that black holes emit radiation and should eventually evaporate and disappear. This discovery set Hawking on a career path marked by awards, notoriety and distinguished titles that reshaped the thinking about black holes and the universe. He was named as a fellow of the Royal Society and even merited the prestigious Albert Einstein Award.
  • In 1988 Hawking skyrocketed to global popularity with the publication of A Brief History of Time. The book is a description of cosmology for the masses and offered an overview of how the universe actually is and how we see it. It was an instant success.
  • In 2007, he made an important progress towards space travel. He had the opportunity to experience a zero-gravity environment. He was freed from his wheelchair in a Boeing 727 designed for training and experienced bursts of weightlessness.

Image result for stephen hawking in space

  • Hawking attended the Sweden conference in August 2015, to discuss new theories about black holes and the infamous black hole  “information paradox.” The solution to the paradox of what becomes of an object that enters a black hole could be black hole ‘hairs’ that form on the event horizon, making a kind of two-dimensional holographic imprint of whatever’s been sucked in.
  • In March 2018 Neil deGrasse Tyson interviewed Stephen Hawking, they discussed what he conceived of the universe as it existed before the Big Bang. Hawking said, that one could regard imaginary and real-time beginning at the South Pole. There is nothing south of the South Pole, so there was nothing around before the Big Bang.
  • He used a speech-generating device (SGD) or a voice output communication aid, this replaces speech or writing. His cheek movement was detected by an infrared switch mounted on his spectacles. This switch was his interface with the computer. The software ACAT included a word prediction algorithm provided by SwiftKey, trained on his books and lectures, so he usually only had to type the first couple of characters and select the whole word. Once the sentence was formed, it was sent to the speech synthesizer.  This is how he conveyed his enlightening thoughts and lectures.

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  • His last paper predicted multiverse also how our universe would eventually fade into blackness as the stars run out of energy. “I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail, There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.” said the atheist and the greatest mind ever about death.


19th March 2018


Accidental inventions

In the age of incessant innovations, inventions and discoveries are commonplace. Most inventions take a very long time to realize, some even take decades. There are others that just happen, without preparation,  through serendipity, scientists stumble into things. Here are some such coincidental inventions

Related imageImage result for post itImage result for match stick


In 1950Joseph McVicker, head of a Kutol Products Company, a soap manufacturer in Cincinnati, Ohio, created a doughy clay to remove soot stains. But people rejected the idea. Then in 1957, he saw his school teacher using this dough for modeling in her classes. Now it came to be used as a toy turning its creators into millionaires.

Potato Chips

In 1853 George Crum, a chef in New York came across a dissatisfied customer with his soggy french fries. In an endeavor to shut him up, Crum sliced them extremely thin, fried them, submerged them in salt and served it. Surprisingly, the customer liked them and was very happy with the birth of Potato Chips.

Post-it Notes

Spencer Silver and Art Fry at 3M Laboratories started out with producing a super strong adhesive for use in the aerospace industry in building planes. The adhesive could stick only something like paper but did not damage the surface after pulling off. Fry later found them useful to mark hymns of his book at the church choir. This is how the idea of the Post-it was fashioned

Ice Cream Cones

Originally ice cream was served in dishes and cups. In 1904, at  St Louis World’s Fair, a Syrian concessionaire Hamwi was selling waffles in a stall next to an ice cream vendor. The ice cream was selling very well, to the extent that he ran out of dishes. Hamwi’s waffles were in fact not selling well, so he came up with a quick solution to the ice cream vendor’s problem, he rolled the waffle in the shape of a cone, cooled it and tossed ice cream in it and the ice cream cone was born


The ice lolly, freeze pops were also accidentally invented. An 11-year old boy left his glass filled with water, powdered soda mix with a wooden stirring stick on the porch in a cold night. When he saw it in the morning, the mixture had frozen, he gobbled this icy concoction, this is how the great idea was concocted.


A pharmacist, John Pemberton made and sold a syrup as a cure for headaches and nervous disorders. In 1885, due to the ban on sales of alcohol he created a coca-based syrup to add to carbonated water, resulting in a perfect beverage called Coca Cola


A  British pharmacist noticed a dried mass on the end of a stick while he was stirring a mix of chemicals. Scraping it off resulted in sparks and flame. This is how friction lights came into being


In 1907 when Leo Hendrik Baekeland unintentionally created Bakelite. Baekeland combined formaldehyde with phenol, a waste product of coal, and subjected the mixture to heat with an intention to come up with a substitute for shellac. The heating created a polymer that did not melt under heat and stress. This synthetic material then started being  used anywhere and everywhere and is known to us as Plastic

This is how things we rely on for our daily utility, weren’t intended to be consciously fabricated, they just happened by fortuity and now we reap the benefits of these happy accidents. So next time when performing an experiment, be ready for an upcoming accidental invention.


5th March 2018