Plastic Roads For Greening Our Construction

Ever thought of a greener way to travel? Tired of seeing plastic waste lying on the road? Tired of battered roads and overflowing landfills? A new road building technology is accelerating in all parts of the world. Roads are constructed using waste plastic. These roads are in fact found to perform better than the conventional bitumen roads

The idea seeded from the fact that disposal of the abundant plastic waste had started becoming a major problem. Plastic is no-biodegradable. This waste is just dumped on the roads and burning of plastic causes environmental pollution. Recycling plastic has been taken up as a responsibility by many countries, it is done in various ways,  one of them is to utilize it for the construction of roads.

Plastic and Asphalt are mixed to form a compound called polymerized bitumen. Roads made using this compound are stronger and can offer resistance to the daily wear and tear and varying seasons. The Indian Centre for Plastics in the Environment (ICPE) has been promoting the use of plastic waste to construct asphalt roads. Long trial roads have also been made using this technique.


  • Low cost
  • Helps control pollution
  • Sturdier roads
  • Weather-resistant
  • Increased Road life
  • Fewer potholes and cracks
  • Low maintenance
  • Safer

How it is done

Plastic waste like bags, cups, bottles are sorted, cleaned, dried and shredded. This shredded plastic and melted at temperatures around 170°C. Hot bitumen is then added and mixed with the melted plastic. This mixture is then laid as regular asphalt concrete

India is one of the countries that has already participated in this revolution and states have constructed Plastic Roads. About 3000 miles of road has been constructed using non-recyclable plastic waste. Prof. Rajagopalan Vasudevan, who is the Dean and Head of Department of Chemistry, Thiagarajar College of Engineering (TCE), Madurai, is known as the Plastic Man of India. He has been instrumental in bringing about this revolution in the country. He was the first to try out plastic roads in his campus in 2002 which are still intact.

Plastic being non-biodegradable, this technique has been invented to put plastic to good use.The global issue of plastic waste disposal is being taken care of to some extent due to this technology. This has not only helped improve the environment but also created a source of income. Using new technologies, man is trying to negate the effects of the damage he has done to the environment at large. This one is an effort worthwhile and successful. Better roads with plastic is like killing two birds with one stone.


26th February, 2018


How My Website Helps Business Grow

In this age of the Internet, a business without a website is like a man without a face. Unless you tell people what you are doing, how will they know your ability? A website is an essential business tool for growing the business.

Your website helps to automate your marketing and sales campaigns promoting the growth of the business on its own. Nothing beats the joy of getting leads from your website, without you having to find new customers and convince them. Or completed a transaction while you were sleeping.

Here are a few ways your website can help develop your business

  • The face of your business People tend to buy stuff from someone they know and can trust. Your website does this job of building this trust and give them a know-how of what you are into, hence acting as a powerful tool for introduction
  • Attracts Business Once people know that you mean serious business, the word will spread and new clients will find it and refer others to it. Then the website introduces your products and services, saving you of the high wasteful costs of brochures and other outdoor marketing techniques. The best part is it works locally, nationally as well as globally; giving it a global reach.
  • Low-cost Marketing A website is an easy tool when it comes to advertising and marketing. Other methods like Facebook ads can also be used. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another tool. The SEO service provider can heighten the ranking of your website which quickly results in increased sales and higher profits
  • My Go-to Salesman Your website can explain benefits, features, and advantages of your product or services. Consistent updating and promoting contents of the website will drive more people to it. Answer the Frequently Asked Questions, address anticipated objections. Better still, nudge them to take action by signing up entering their card details and making a purchase right now! So you interact only with genuinely interested buyers. It does the filtering job for you as well
  • Links are very important as far as viral marketing is concerned. If there are many sites linking to you, the word is being spread around the world. If your website has good content associated with your product or service, people will be more inclined towards linking your website to theirs thus promoting it further
  • Client Database can be built easily with the website, there would be thousand potential clients who stop by your website. If you keep presenting value and record their email addresses, these potential clients will become valued customers to loyalists to your brand
  • Strong bond The customers can review product features online and leave feedbacks to which you can send responses which strengthen your credibility and customer-seller bond
  • Self-operating Store Your website sells the products and services 24/7 thus easy on you and the customers. With minimal development cost, no distribution, no employees to manage
  • Permanent relationship Once transacted, maybe your services or products are not needed by clients for a while, maybe they need it after a period of time. At such time, you want them to think of you. The automated emails of your website will help keep the relationship warm and give them reminders at regular intervals

All this can be done by someone who you can hire and you can focus on the other important stuff and have your business growing for you. This is how an effective and progressive website will help your business grow by leaps and bounds


20th February, 2018

Advantages of personal website

As builders say, we build address for you, same way personal website gives you identity and network for career development. It’s good time to build a personal website. There are many online websites that make personal website at low price, “” offers free domain name and website including free hosting for premium members. In today world recruitment companies and employers search on internet first than manual.
How does it work? In the context of making a personal website, you need to concentrate and understand every aspect involved from domain registration, hosting, web design, front-end coding, back-end coding, etc. some questions are asked, to make a profile.
Advantages of personal website.

It connects you socially:-
Now a days social media and professional networking sites like LinkedIn have brought known and unknown people together, if a person is looking for a new business or new job, it is effective and easy way to find out , or advertise and sale your product and interact with people through internet, it is great way to build up your credit and establish your expertise. If one has his own website (own brand), it gives good impression, especially to those who don’t know you. When a key word is searched, search engines bring up the website.
Personal brand has its own value. When one has personal branding, marketing expert, social commentator and technical people, writer and designer etc. are connected and gained. Whatever you put up on the internet will be seen by others. This allows you and your personal website to reach people. People have no time to research the background of any one, it becomes easy and quick to find out from personal website. It also allows you to be creative and different from your competitors, and you continue to brand yourself through your website, it will show your strength, capability and also gives you a direction. People come to know what you are, from your profile.

It is an effective tool
Passion and knowledge are two pillars for you to success in your life, and your personal website gives you the best platform to show your creativity and skill, it gives opportunity to separate yourself from the others. Personal website shows, you are serious, sincere and independent about your work. Your personal branding helps you to get next opportunities also, and they find you. It also helps to promote whatever massage you want to spread about yourself. It also helps to explore about your recent product or services. It is an extremely professional way to hi-lite your skills and make yourself available. It is an easy way to provide people your contact and link on social network. Through Personal website you can correspond with employers, clients and to those whom you are not officially connected. Through personal website you achieve recognition and build a network & it is not expensive at all.
Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is trying to make digital India, and if you have no knowledge of web means you are illiterate. It is necessary to use web and understand web. Very soon you will find manual work will be treated as an old fashioned and digital resume or profit is the future, building your personal branding with your own websites is the ultimate value you can carry with you.
If you wish to have your personal website, please do call us.

Why My Personal Website

Looking for a job? Freelance assignments? Stay at home mom? New or old business? Or a writer? What is the one common solution to the questions about being noticed and growing that haunt the minds of all of these and many more?
A PERSONAL WEBSITE. A website is a key to accelerate growth and excel.

Below are a few important reasons, why anyone should have a personal website.

Cheap and Universal Appeal

Websites are a low start-up cost business option that has unlimited potential with a client base that can span across the world. There are various websites that help you create a website with easy procedures and low fees. No need to hold inventory, or even tap your friends for profit.

Whenever a keyword is searched, search engines first bring up a website, rather than social media links. Gives you a more important tool to market yourself. You can directly sell products, services or even your resume to the people who are looking for it.

Solid online base and Establishes Authority

Potential employers or customers will google your name, do you want them to just see social media posts or a more professional presentation of yourself; on your own website own the results of Google. With your own website, you own a platform and control how it looks, how people engage with it, how it functions. It has your own content presented in your own way. It is the face of your business. Instead of showing them your work, direct them to it and let it weave its magic.

Showcasing Skills and Content

Generating your own content is a vital part of having your own website. It serves as a canvas for your work. You can upload video, image, text, and audio work samples on your personal website and show clients what you are good at and that you are a power to be reckoned within your industry. A writer can upload articles, a designer can create a portfolio of design projects, a voice over artist can put up a video of himself for potential clients to see. A marketing or IT professional can write a case study highlighting the success of a particular project using charts, statistics and images to tell a story. Even students can add their resume page and projects done and list of accomplishments and internships thus getting an edge over the competition.

Credibility and Branding

Think about it…whenever you want a service or a product your first instinct is to search businesses with websites. Start a blog or host a podcast helps elevate your brand and lead to conversions. Every action on the website strengthens your online presence and works wonders for the growth of the business. It gives a sense of security and certainty when it comes to your brand and how people will find you. A website gives the impression of a professional and legitimate business. Having your own domain, .com or .net will help you have a professional email address for correspondence. This goes a long way with regards to your online presence. You can even include testimonials from happy customers, guaranteeing the quality of your service.

Direct Customer Contact

Your website, helps you build an email list which helps in having a direct relationship with your audience. Having direct access to someone’s inbox really matters as far as marketing is concerned.

Social media has direct audience participating to where the conversation is being had. But you also need a hub of your own for branding and the actual operation of the business. Your website gives you that platform.


2nd February 2018