Plastic Roads For Greening Our Construction

Ever thought of a greener way to travel? Tired of seeing plastic waste lying on the road? Tired of battered roads and overflowing landfills? A new road building technology is accelerating in all parts of the world. Roads are constructed using waste plastic. These roads are in fact found to perform better than the conventional bitumen roads

The idea seeded from the fact that disposal of the abundant plastic waste had started becoming a major problem. Plastic is no-biodegradable. This waste is just dumped on the roads and burning of plastic causes environmental pollution. Recycling plastic has been taken up as a responsibility by many countries, it is done in various ways,  one of them is to utilize it for the construction of roads.

Plastic and Asphalt are mixed to form a compound called polymerized bitumen. Roads made using this compound are stronger and can offer resistance to the daily wear and tear and varying seasons. The Indian Centre for Plastics in the Environment (ICPE) has been promoting the use of plastic waste to construct asphalt roads. Long trial roads have also been made using this technique.


  • Low cost
  • Helps control pollution
  • Sturdier roads
  • Weather-resistant
  • Increased Road life
  • Fewer potholes and cracks
  • Low maintenance
  • Safer

How it is done

Plastic waste like bags, cups, bottles are sorted, cleaned, dried and shredded. This shredded plastic and melted at temperatures around 170°C. Hot bitumen is then added and mixed with the melted plastic. This mixture is then laid as regular asphalt concrete

India is one of the countries that has already participated in this revolution and states have constructed Plastic Roads. About 3000 miles of road has been constructed using non-recyclable plastic waste. Prof. Rajagopalan Vasudevan, who is the Dean and Head of Department of Chemistry, Thiagarajar College of Engineering (TCE), Madurai, is known as the Plastic Man of India. He has been instrumental in bringing about this revolution in the country. He was the first to try out plastic roads in his campus in 2002 which are still intact.

Plastic being non-biodegradable, this technique has been invented to put plastic to good use.The global issue of plastic waste disposal is being taken care of to some extent due to this technology. This has not only helped improve the environment but also created a source of income. Using new technologies, man is trying to negate the effects of the damage he has done to the environment at large. This one is an effort worthwhile and successful. Better roads with plastic is like killing two birds with one stone.


26th February, 2018


Tips for Stress Management

Overwhelming situations arise at every age from the elderly to the young. Stress occurs when you cognize that demands placed on you exceed your ability to cope. These expectations could be on the work front, school, relationship front or otherwise. Stress may be beneficial at times giving you that nudge to perform better. Stress management is all about taking charge of yourself, your thoughts, your emotions, your attitude towards life and it’s problems.

Stress if not catered to, can result in serious health conditions like anxiety, lack of sleep, muscle pain, high blood pressure and decreased immunity.  One needs to find positive methods to manage stress to as and when detected to avoid these negative health consequences.

Determine the sources of stress Know what causes stress, whether it is a temporary or a permanent stress and know the role you play in creating and maintaining the stress. Has the stress become an integral part of your daily and work life or is it deadline oriented? Is it caused because of your procrastinating habit?  Or are there external factors creating stress in your life.

Though stress is an automatic response by the nervous system, some stressors are predictable like traffic, meeting with the boss, money, an exam. a result, an interview, either change the situation or your reaction. Lots of stressors can be eliminated and addressed. This will happen when one can avoid stressful situations or people and take control of the environment.

Change what you can and accept what you cannot change. Compromise wherever possible. Sometimes be assertive and express your feelings instead of storing them and letting dissatisfaction build. Try creating a work-life balance for a more satisfied life.

Time management. More work in less time can cause a lot of stress. Prioritize your tasks, do not over commit, delegate responsibility so you can finish your work in time.

Take a break- May sound difficult but it is imperative to take a step back from the stressors.Taking a small break  gives you perspective and helps you look at the stressor in renewed light and vigor

Exercise and Meditate-  A short walk, a swim or dance session will help take off your mind from the stressor. A little stretching can help relax the musclesMeditation helps your mind focus on solutions rather than the issue itself, it also helps you become patient and control your emotions and responses to circumstances. Eat a healthy diet

Get social support. Having coffee with your best mate might be all you need to forget that stress or worry. Meeting people you care for, having a fun time with them helps your worries take a backseat. Sometimes venting your emotions also relieves a person to a certain extent. Smiling and laughing give a positive message to the brain reducing the stress

Surrender. To the power of God. Think of yourself as an instrument of the all-pervading, and let Him use His power through you to fight the stress. Repetition of a worry or stressor will only increase its impact on your mind, so no reiterating.

Hobbies. Pursue hobbies that take your mind off the bone of contention. Singing, dancing, reading, writing, listening to music can go a long way in keeping you off the stressful thoughts

As Cary David Richards said “Understand that it is far better to confront a situation and deal with the momentary stress than it is to ignore it and hope it goes away”Our reaction to stress is what troubles us, so bring it on and untangle the situation with your renewed energy and hope.


25th February 2018

How My Website Helps Business Grow

In this age of the Internet, a business without a website is like a man without a face. Unless you tell people what you are doing, how will they know your ability? A website is an essential business tool for growing the business.

Your website helps to automate your marketing and sales campaigns promoting the growth of the business on its own. Nothing beats the joy of getting leads from your website, without you having to find new customers and convince them. Or completed a transaction while you were sleeping.

Here are a few ways your website can help develop your business

  • The face of your business People tend to buy stuff from someone they know and can trust. Your website does this job of building this trust and give them a know-how of what you are into, hence acting as a powerful tool for introduction
  • Attracts Business Once people know that you mean serious business, the word will spread and new clients will find it and refer others to it. Then the website introduces your products and services, saving you of the high wasteful costs of brochures and other outdoor marketing techniques. The best part is it works locally, nationally as well as globally; giving it a global reach.
  • Low-cost Marketing A website is an easy tool when it comes to advertising and marketing. Other methods like Facebook ads can also be used. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another tool. The SEO service provider can heighten the ranking of your website which quickly results in increased sales and higher profits
  • My Go-to Salesman Your website can explain benefits, features, and advantages of your product or services. Consistent updating and promoting contents of the website will drive more people to it. Answer the Frequently Asked Questions, address anticipated objections. Better still, nudge them to take action by signing up entering their card details and making a purchase right now! So you interact only with genuinely interested buyers. It does the filtering job for you as well
  • Links are very important as far as viral marketing is concerned. If there are many sites linking to you, the word is being spread around the world. If your website has good content associated with your product or service, people will be more inclined towards linking your website to theirs thus promoting it further
  • Client Database can be built easily with the website, there would be thousand potential clients who stop by your website. If you keep presenting value and record their email addresses, these potential clients will become valued customers to loyalists to your brand
  • Strong bond The customers can review product features online and leave feedbacks to which you can send responses which strengthen your credibility and customer-seller bond
  • Self-operating Store Your website sells the products and services 24/7 thus easy on you and the customers. With minimal development cost, no distribution, no employees to manage
  • Permanent relationship Once transacted, maybe your services or products are not needed by clients for a while, maybe they need it after a period of time. At such time, you want them to think of you. The automated emails of your website will help keep the relationship warm and give them reminders at regular intervals

All this can be done by someone who you can hire and you can focus on the other important stuff and have your business growing for you. This is how an effective and progressive website will help your business grow by leaps and bounds


20th February, 2018

wanna know me better….here is my dot com..

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When we sign up with FACEBOOK  we want to connect to our family and friends, when we signed up with LinkedIn we wanted to make professional connections .After your identity is established, you then start branching out with your connections and building your social network.

The idea of having  WEBSITE was somewhat limited to certain professions like IT, researchers, artists etc. With the advancement of technology like WordPress, blogger, building your own identity in the world of networking is super easy nowadays.


A WEBSITE gives you control over your image. whether you are applying for a job or starting a business, having the control over what information you would like to share  is a powerful tool for your self image.It can be your primary reference in the world of internet.Having a personal website and blog will aid you in many ways. Your career will benefit from it and so will your personal brand and development.



Give your customer a genuine experience to understand what you and your business is all about.


Building your own website is a smart move than spending that amount on professional designers or any other multimedia company.


If you build your own website ,you  will save money ,time and hassle by being able to update it yourself.

See the source image offers free personal domain name and website including free hosting for premium members.

Dr.Shireesha maddali




The Floating Post Office


The pristine waters of Srinagar’s Dal Lake sparkle in the spring sun, reflecting in between the picturesque ripples the magnificent Himalayan peaks that accessorize the skyline. Amidst the beauty of the houseboats and shikaras, floats a one of a kind POST OFFICE. Yet another attraction for tourists visiting the Dal Lake. This Floating Post Office is another feather in the cap of India which is the most widely distributed postal network and the largest number of post offices in the world.

This post office is claimed to be the only such in the world and is built on an intricately carved houseboat, anchored on the western edge of the Dal Lake.  The heritage post office existed during the British rule. But it was repurposed and renamed by the then Chief Post Master John Samuel. It was inaugurated by then Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and Minister of State for Communications and IT, Sachin Pilot in 2011. It offers regular postal services as well as saving schemes.

The Floating Post Office additionally houses a Philately Museum showcasing the stamp collection and the fascinating postal history of the state. There is a Souvenir shop selling stamps, postcards, greeting cards and books on Kashmir.

Another distinctive feature of this post office is that the letters here carry a unique design with pictures of captivating landscapes of the Dal lake and other charming sceneries of Srinagar. These pictures are to promote Kashmir tourism wherever the letters travel.  They also have a special stamp of their own that depicts a man rowing a shikara.

The tourists take a boat ride to the post office just to send a postcard back home to their loved ones. The residents, use it for their normal post office work, including banking and saving. Labourers and farmers working nearby and those who run the shikara business all go to this post office to deposit their savings. This is the nearest post office for them.

Apart from the threat of destruction due to natural disasters like floods which are rare, the post office is safely afloat. As a matter of fact, the people working or frequenting the post office also mention that it is a pleasant and airy place where there is no need of the fan throughout the year.

This Post Office,  adds to the resplendence of the lake and is a  befitting tribute to the Dal Lake. So when are you visiting this mail in the pail?

12th February, 2018

Why My Personal Website

Looking for a job? Freelance assignments? Stay at home mom? New or old business? Or a writer? What is the one common solution to the questions about being noticed and growing that haunt the minds of all of these and many more?
A PERSONAL WEBSITE. A website is a key to accelerate growth and excel.

Below are a few important reasons, why anyone should have a personal website.

Cheap and Universal Appeal

Websites are a low start-up cost business option that has unlimited potential with a client base that can span across the world. There are various websites that help you create a website with easy procedures and low fees. No need to hold inventory, or even tap your friends for profit.

Whenever a keyword is searched, search engines first bring up a website, rather than social media links. Gives you a more important tool to market yourself. You can directly sell products, services or even your resume to the people who are looking for it.

Solid online base and Establishes Authority

Potential employers or customers will google your name, do you want them to just see social media posts or a more professional presentation of yourself; on your own website own the results of Google. With your own website, you own a platform and control how it looks, how people engage with it, how it functions. It has your own content presented in your own way. It is the face of your business. Instead of showing them your work, direct them to it and let it weave its magic.

Showcasing Skills and Content

Generating your own content is a vital part of having your own website. It serves as a canvas for your work. You can upload video, image, text, and audio work samples on your personal website and show clients what you are good at and that you are a power to be reckoned within your industry. A writer can upload articles, a designer can create a portfolio of design projects, a voice over artist can put up a video of himself for potential clients to see. A marketing or IT professional can write a case study highlighting the success of a particular project using charts, statistics and images to tell a story. Even students can add their resume page and projects done and list of accomplishments and internships thus getting an edge over the competition.

Credibility and Branding

Think about it…whenever you want a service or a product your first instinct is to search businesses with websites. Start a blog or host a podcast helps elevate your brand and lead to conversions. Every action on the website strengthens your online presence and works wonders for the growth of the business. It gives a sense of security and certainty when it comes to your brand and how people will find you. A website gives the impression of a professional and legitimate business. Having your own domain, .com or .net will help you have a professional email address for correspondence. This goes a long way with regards to your online presence. You can even include testimonials from happy customers, guaranteeing the quality of your service.

Direct Customer Contact

Your website, helps you build an email list which helps in having a direct relationship with your audience. Having direct access to someone’s inbox really matters as far as marketing is concerned.

Social media has direct audience participating to where the conversation is being had. But you also need a hub of your own for branding and the actual operation of the business. Your website gives you that platform.


2nd February 2018





There’s thing about HISTORY, we are never sure about what exactly happened because often the facts get mutated with ravages of time and travel. The JAUHAR of RANI PADMINI has given her a goddess like stature in the history of the state because it was among the first three major saks of chittorgarh.

If anything, even seemingly ,threatens or distort the roots ,sense of anger is inevitable. Such sentiments have led to the protest against PADAMAVATI by karni sena of rajasthan.


RANI PADMINI OR PADMAVATI was a legendary 13 century queen, who has inspired numerous tales of love and honor since the first reference to her story was made by MALIK MOHAMMAD JAYASI in his Awadhi poem PADMAVAT.

It depicts how RATAN SEN(HUSBAND OF PADMAVATI) the ruler of chittor,married PADMAVATI who was daughter of Gandharv sen the king of singhal kingdom.

RATAN SEN who was already married to nagmati, witnessed a rivalry between PADMAVATI and nagmati. RAGHAV CHETAN (COURTIERS)  who was banished for fraud ,reached the court of the Sultan of Delhi  ALAUDDIN KHALIJI and described padmavati’s exceptional beauty.

Determined to obtain PADMAVATI,KHALJI laid siege on chittor, he then captured RATAN SEN by deceit after feigning a peace treaty. At padmavati’s behest RATAN SEN’S loyal feudatories GORA AND BADAL reached DELHI as PADMAVATI.BADAL escorted RATAN SINGH back to chittor while gora was killed in a fight.

In the meanwhile, RANI PADMAVATI was proposed by devpal (the king of kumbhalner).When RATAN SINGH returned, a fatal fight ensued between the two kings and they killed each other.

As this happened ,ALLUDDIN attacked CHITTOR.PADMAVATI and nagmati had no option but to perform JAUHAR(SELF IMMOLATION).

At the end of war, jayasi leaves the reader with a satire ,saying that the great sultan succeeds in converting only the fort made up of bricks and stones to islam.


Dr.Shireesha Maddali

Time Management Mantra

As children, we often heard our parents say, time and tide wait for no man. Did we understand the profundity of the statement then? No one knows, but time has its own way of teaching us how important it is and how it is not time that we can manage but Ourselves in whatever of it is at our disposal. Like the story about a boy who was told that if he gets a “Precious Present” he would be happy forever, all his life he was in search of it until one day he realised that it was not a gift but the Present that we live in is most precious and makes us happy forever, not the past, not the future, but the present, the NOW that we have, what we make of it and how we manage ourselves NOW is what counts.

Practise the following tips to manage this Precious Present and Now for optimum productivity

Start with recording your thoughts conversations activities (do this for around a week) this will help you contemplate on what and how much time is spent on the important and not so important tasks, this record will show if you spend more time on low-value jobs. Will also help you find the time of the day you are most productive

Prioritize the tasks, use Stephen Covey’s time management matrix to distinguish important and urgent tasks. Classify the tasks according to the relative worth of the activities and work accordingly and then do the right things correctly for maximum efficiency

Image result for time management grid

In school, we were always given a timetable to follow it kept us on time similarly making a timetable and planning your day will help us keep up with time. Make to-do lists and checklists to help you achieve your goals. The illusive and the elusive ones. the work at hand spreads across the time available so, allocate a time limit for each task.

Avoid Time Wasters. Do not answer phones and messages out of compulsion or habit. Blockout distractions like the social media when you need to focus on the work at hand

Say No to Procrastination, try doing at least one procrastinated task now

Schedule some contingency time for unforeseen tasks and interruptions

Set a Deadline for yourself. Deadlines give you a sense of purpose and accountability. They help you stay motivated and keep going

We live in the real time when time flies when having fun or drags when bored. Time is like sand we are mere witnesses of how it slides through the gaps between our fingers, with each passing moment there has to be cognizance of how it is spent and how it gives direction to the next. Be the Master of your own time!


30th January 2018


Lakshmi Puja

Lakshmi means Laksh – “the Goal”
Lakshmi puja is one of the important rituals performed on the festival of Diwali by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhist. Lakshmi is the goddess of light, beauty, good fortune, money and prosperity. People clean their houses, offices, shops and industries and also decorate it with lights and lamps and make rangoli in front of their premises, rangoli give auspicious start to the festival, to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. Out of five days of festival, third day of festival is Lakshmi Puja day, on Amavasya ( new moon day) of Krishna Paksha (Dark fortnight) in the Vikram Samvat Hindu calendar month of Ashwin, all family members get together and offer prayers. Lakshmi puja has to be done during pradosh kaal which starts, after sunset and remains for 2 and half hours.
A piece of new red cloth should be spread on the raised platform. A handful of grains are sprayed in the middle of the cloth, a kalash made of metal is filled with water mixed with ganga jal , is placed on top, 5 pan leaves, and coconut are also decorated on kalash, a flower, a coin and some rice grains are also kept together. A lotus is drawn over the rice grain with turmeric powder. The ideal of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi are placed in the front. Goddess Lakshmi is bathed with panchamrit (A mixture of milk, butter, curd, honey, sugar, tulsi leaves) and then with water. Her idol is cleaned and placed back. Then turmeric (Haldi) and kumkum (Red vermillon) is offered to goddess lakshmi. A lamp and incense is lit. A Swastika symbol is drawn on the safe, vault and the important business books, it is worshiped as a symbol of Lord Kubera. Also (Diyas) light is lit, in the evening the family members get together and pray first Lord Ganesha, after that they worship Goddess Lakshmi, for the success, happiness and prosperity. People worship Goddess lakshmi and recite a special mantra for 108 times, and aarti is performed for the prosperity. Then sweets are distributed as prasad to the people who get together. After that crackers are burn to complete the puja.
Ganesh is worshipped at the beginning of every auspicious occasion. On this festival we worship lakshmi the goddess of money and wealth, Sarswati the goddess of knowledge (books), Kubera the treasure of devas.
During this festival people exchange gifts, sweets and good wishes with each other to recognise important relations and friends. All the energies like smell, taste, touch, seeing, hearing exist together on this festival. On this day, the mothers, who work hard all the time are recognised by the family. Mothers are seen to embody a part of Lakshmi, the good fortune and prosperity of the house.

Darwin’s Theory Wrong – Satyapal Singh

Saturday, January 20, 2018, several reports were out about the Union Minister, Satyapal Singh’s speech made in Aurangabad at the ‘All India Vedic Sammelan’. He was quoted saying, “Darwin’s theory of Evolution is scientifically wrong”. Singh, the Junior Minister of State for Human Resource Development, the department responsible for education in India also said, “It needs to change in school and college curriculum. Ever since humans came to Earth, they have always been humans,” he said. He also stated that nobody ever saw an ape turn into a human and that our ancestors nowhere mentioned that they ever saw an ape turning into a human. He did not offer any scientific counter to the theory though
Darwin’s theory states that all life has descended from a common ancestor, this evolution took millions of years. All complex forms of life evolved from simpler ones through genetic mutation.

Scientists attacked him for dismissing Darwin’s theory. Scientists said it was politically polarizing science, they said that the minister lacks knowledge. Scientists from all the well-known academies of India have unanimously drafted a letter urging him to retract his statement. The letter mentioned that Indian scientists and scientifically oriented ones are pained by his claim. There is plentiful and undeniable scientific evidence to the fact that humans and apes had a common ancestor, every new discovery adds support to Darwin’s insight. Also, statements like Singh’s would harm efforts to propagate scientific thought in the country, that it would also diminish the image of the country at the global level. This petition after being signed by the supporters will be submitted to the Ministry of HRD, the PM’s office, and the President on the 24th of January 2018.

Celebrities also took a dig at him by telling him to stop Monkeying around and tweeting things like even apes have joined the protest against the theory and deny any involvement in the creation of human beings. Even the opposition attacked BJP and the PM for appointing someone who has no regard for scientific reasoning

However, on Sunday, Singh stood by his remarks. He said that Darwin’s theory was being challenged by various eminent scientists the world over and that “Darwinism is a Myth”. He said that he-Singh,  was a man of science so would not make claims without any basis. He even proposed for an international debate on the issue to decide if Darwin’s evolution theory merited a place in school textbooks. All types of scientists be invited to the debate. According to him, media was fuelling controversy over his statement

99% of the human DNA and that of the Chimpanzee match and that is proof enough of Darwin’s theory. But before concluding that logic and reason was soundly defeated by Singh’s statement, one needs to keep in mind his background , he is an MSc, an MPhil in Chemistry from Delhi University, has an MBA in Strategic Management from Australia, and an MA in Public Administration, including a PhD on the Naxalite movement. Some food for thought!



23rd January 2018