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There is nothing wrong in looking good.If you are not happy with some part of your body ,you can always get it corrected using cosmetic surgery such as plastic surgery ,breast enhancement using silicones ,non surgical face lifts using BOTOX,DERMAL FILLER for enhancing facial volume  and so on……


people are getting conscious of their body more than ever before .Often beauty and talent go hand in hand .In such case,a cosmetic surgery to correct the fault may be advantageous for them.


Surgery done to remove baggy eyes(BLEPHAROPLASTY) can help make your eyes function better. Baggy eyes often obliterate vision and  cosmetic procedure will help you to correct it.


Most of the procedure is expense and will drill a deep hole in your pocket. Cosmetic surgeries require multiple session to achieve the desired results ,this can further takes the bill to the next level.


You need to discuss thoroughly with your doctor about the aftermath. Multiple session may be needed in some cases for the best results.Looking like a million bucks right after the surgery is wrong thinking.

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If you opt for surgical face lift ,you might have to go into hiding for atleast 2 weeks as your face will be all swollen.

There are no chances of breast feeding your baby after the surgery.

If you undergone LIPOSUCTION ,your body may experience chills because of abrupt decrease in weight.

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People often forget the fact that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty.Our body is temple. Instead of loathing about it, we should learn to accept it as it is.

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But then if you really NEED it for good reason,understand your criteria for wanting it carefully,Research alternatives.Evaluate the value it begins to your life.Talk to people on both side of the spectrum.







How To Live Happily After

Meeting the right person at the right time, getting into a steady harmonious relationship and having a fairy tale life is everyone’s dream. As the saying goes, Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth, what is important that both the parties involved impart their duties well and do their bit to keep the relation happy and blissful.

Follow these tips to have a fulfilling marriage.

Answerability – Taking responsibility for your part helps build an intimate and strong relationship.

Independence – The key to a successful marriage is independence. Though there is emotional, financial and other dependence in a marriage, everyone needs to give and take space and needs a life outside of the other’s life to keep the individuality alive.

Communication – It is very important to take time out for each other every day and discuss day to day activities, life, work, life discussions and important decisions. Be a good listener to the problems, suggestions and even the most trivial things of your spouse.  Figure out your partner’s love language so you will always know how to speak to him or her

Acceptance – Don’t expect your spouse to change entirely for you, a little change in habits here and there is ok but an entire personality transformation is not possible. Accept your spouse as he or she is, only acceptance is the key to happiness. Love your spouse for the person he is not for what you want him or her to be. Look for positives in your spouse, change your own perspective

No Dominance – No one wants to be controlled by a spouse, don’t let the feeling of inadequacy grow in the other because of your dominating nature

No Blaming – Arguments happen between couples, learn the art of agreeing to disagree. Make sure they do not blow out of proportion, control your temperament. Realize that both partners have valid and reasonable perspectives which have to be considered. Don’t blame the other for any faults or situations in life.

Keep The Spark Alive – Have date nights, a simple dinner, some special time spent with each other strengthens the bond and maintains it over time. A movie night or a bowling game ramp up the fun factor. Small gestures, like a flower, a gift or a note left on the bag, cooking favourite meals also go a long way in keeping the romance alive.

Respect – Respect each other, keep insults and abuses to yourself. Support your partner’s well-being. Let respect and love be the foundation of your marriage

There are mistakes, frustrations in everyone’s life. Make it an adventurous experiment and learn how to get better and better in the relationship every day and make it a successful one. One has to work on a marriage to make it the ideal one. With more pleasurable times than painful ones moving slowly and steadily to a Happily Ever After!


29th February 2018

who is priya prakash varrier ?


A Young woman who has only just started her acting journey in the Malayalam film industry with oru adaar, in a film that is yet to be completed ,has found herself in unimaginable fame overnight.

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she became an overnight sensation after she put up a teaser  which went viral in seconds .A see saw with her eyebrow and the lingering wink has made her one of the fastest growing Indian celebrities online.

Priya is a student at Thrissur’s vimala college.she is trained classical dancer and she can also be seen dressed in mohiniyattam costume in some Instagram photos of her.

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while miss. varrier currently has 4.5 million followers on the platform which is even more than zuckerberg who has merely 4 million followers on the platform.

The truth is social media -when used strategically over time is the most powerful form of marketing and market research the world has ever seen. Today celebrities  maintain a separate manager for handling social media .





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Sree devi was born as SHREE AMMA YANGER AYYAPAN on 13 aug 1963 in Sivakasi Tamil Nadu.She belonged to a TAMIL BRAHMIN family and was born to lawyer Ayyapan yanger and Rajeswari yanger.

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She made her first on screen appearance at the age of 4 in 1967 in the tamil film THUNAIVAN,in which she played the role of young Lord Muruga.Her performance was much appreciated and gave her fame as a child artist.She made her acting debut as an actress in 1979 with the film SOLVA SAWAN

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Among her best known works were MR.INDIA(1987),CHANDANI(1989),LAMHE(1991),After marrying BONEY KAPOOR IN 1996 ,She retired herself from acting and devoted herself completely to her family.

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Initially,it was considered to be rumored that she secretly got married to MITHUN CHAKRABORTHY in 1985 but when FAN MAGAZINE published their marriage certificate ,it was cleared and created a huge controversy.

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She was accused of being a homewrecker after she married to BONEY KAPOOR, because he was already married to MONA SHOURIE and was  father of ARJUN AND ANSHULA.SREE AND BONEY have two daughters named JAHANVI AND KHUSHI.

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SREEDEVI used to paint during her free time.Some of her paintings were sold in 2010 by an International Art Auction House.Though  she was not professionally trained in dancing,she was considered to be the finest dancer.

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After marriage she took a break of 6 years and made her comeback in 2004 by featuring in MALINI IYER.In 2005 she judged the tv show KABOOM.She even appeared in tv show SATYAMEV JAYATE for a social cause.In 2012 after 15 years ,sree made a comeback with ENGLISH WINGLISH.MOM (2017) which marked her 300th film ,was termed as her last film as an actress,but her last onscreen appearance will be in Anand rai’s ZERO in a cameo.

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She got FILM FARE FOR BEST ACTRESS IN 1992,1990,1991,1982,1977.She was also honoured with PADMASHRI in 2013.

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SREEDEVI died on 24 feb 2018 at 19:00 GMT in room no-2201 of the JUMERIRAH EMIRATED TOWER HOTEL IN DUBAI due to accidental drowning at the bathtub,she went their to attend her nephew mohit marwah’s wedding.Condolence have poured in since the death of the actor, who redefined the importance of the female lead in india’s largerly male dominated film industry.

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Oprah winfrey is a American media proprietor,talk show host,actress,producer and philanthropist.she is best known for hosting her own international talk show from 1986 to 2011,from there she launched her own television network OWN.

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She was born on jan 29,1954 in Mississippi.After a troubled adolescence in a small farming community,where she was sexually abused by a number of male relatives and friends of her mother.

she entered Tennessee state university in 1971 and began working as radio jockey in Nashville. In 1976 Oprah moved to Baltimore, Maryland , where she hosted the TV chat show people are talking .The show became a hit and winfrey stayed with it for 8 years ,after which she was recruited by a Chicago TV station to host her own morning show, A.M. CHICAGO. Her success led to nationwide fame and a role in Steven Spielberg’s COLOUR PURPLE for which she was nominated for a Academy Award for BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS.


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In 1986 she launched The Oprah Winfrey Show under the ownership of ABC ,with time  she gained the ownership ,drawing it under the control of her new production house HARPO PRODUCTION ,but in March 2015 winfrey announced that HARPO STUDIOS would be close at the end of the year to consolidate the company’s production operations to the LA based OWN headquarters. she returned to acting in Greenleaf,which marked her first recurring scripted television role.

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In 2004 winfrey become the first black person to rank among the 50 most generous Americans and she remained among the top 50 until 2010.By 2012,she had given about $400 million to educational cause .In the same year, she had given over 400 scholarships to Morehouse college in Atlanta Georgia.

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Winfrey campaigned for democratic presidential hopeful BARACK OBAMA in DECEMBER 2007.It was the first time winfrey had ever campaigned for a political candidate.


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In JAN 2018,Winfrey become the first African American woman to be honored with the GLOBAL GLOBES’ CECIL B.DeMILLE  AWARD  for lifetime achievement.

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In hindi we say “Deer aeee Durust aee”.This phrase can be use for GST which took sixteen struggle years in the making.

One of the main objectives of GST would be to eliminate the cascading impact of taxes on production and distribution cost of goods and services. The exclusion of cascading effects i.e. tax on tax will significantly improve the competitiveness of original goods and services which leads to beneficial impact to GDP growth.


This gives a lot of comfort and confidence to business community that they would focus on business rather than worrying about other taxation that may crop at later stage.


Greatest advantage that a tax payer can expect from GST is elimination of multiplicity of taxation.


If government works in an efficient mode, it may be also possible that a single registration and single compliance will suffice for both SGST and CGST provided government produces effective IT infrastructure.


This will be a step towards corruption free indian revenue service. We cannot expect anything substantial unless there exists a political will to root it out.


An EWAY BILL  A GSTN project under the GST,is required to be generated for every inter state movement of goods beyond 10 kms and the threshold limit of rs.50,000.


After GST,there is a single tax provision in the supply chain where each person is able to take tax benefit of all the taxes which he already paid and eventually the price become low .There is better tax administration facility in GST so manipulation in taxes is not possible.

HOUSEHOLD EXPENSE:-food items are uder 0to5% tax rate which is not directly impacting on the food price

No tax:-No tax will be imposed on items like jute,fresh meat,fish,chicken,eggs,milk,butter,honey,fruits,besan,bread,salt,bone grist,bone meal,khadi products and dried vegetable .

HOTEL AND LODGES:-Hotels and lodges with tariff below rs.1000,grandfathering service has been exempted under GST

0.25%:-Rough industrial diamonds including unsorted rough diamond to face 0.25% instead of 3 %

5%:-Pizza bread,rusk,sabudana,insulin,biogas,raisins,oil cakes,grass,homeopathic medicine,real zari,rubber and paper waste,fly ash brick etc

12%:-All diagnostic kits ,notebooks, skimmers ,fish knives ,rubber band ,tooth powder ,frozen meat ,namkeen ,agarbatti etc

On JAN 18,these items were moved to 12% slab

Sugar boiled confectionery

Drinking water packed in 20 litre bottle

Drip irrigation system

Bio diesel

Bio pesticide

18%:-Sugar, pasta ,tissue envelope , ice cream , aluminium foil ,food mixes ,camera,speaker etc

28%:-Pan masala, paint, sunscreen, wallpaper, ATM, water heater ,ceramics tiles, vacuum cleaner.

Corruption is a problem that is present in INDIA prior to independence and still continuing . It is our responsibility to understand the purpose of GST  and happily accept it for a better tomorrow.









Making New Friends

A friend in need is a friend indeed is an old saying we heard as kids.
As children we make friends but not all of them stay friends with us all our lives. With The ever-changing circle of life, our aims ambitions and locations change, with them change our situations and surroundings, so do our friends. Man is a social being and likes to be surrounded by people. In new places, he looks for new friends wherever he goes. Friends add a feel-good factor to a person’s life, they are stress busters and increase the Happiness Quotient in one’s life. They are a headspring of entertainment, encouragement, acceptance and to the spirit called life.

Cultivating a new friendship and holding back the old ones takes effort but the benefits are high. If you need brushing up on your social skills, you have come to the right place

  • Special Interest Groups- Here you already have one common interest with the others which makes it easy to break the ice.
  • Social Service-Helping others also helps you make friends
  • Attend Parties-Try attending as many social events as possible, try moving ahead in friendship with your existing acquaintances, friends from earlier years or friends you lost touch with over time. Try meeting up when they are free and reconnect. The more people you meet, the better the chances of meeting the right kind.
  • Online- Joining groups on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram bloggers also form communities, with like-minded people coming together, chatting, blogging, discussing and starting everlasting friendships or various websites also help people find others with the same set of interests or even more like
  • Attend flower exhibitions, book readings, or other similar events where you have access to a pool of people with interests parallel to yours
  • Detach One can win friends only when one takes eyes off the smartphone and ears off the headphones. Make eye contact with people, talk to them and listen to them.
  • Invite people over Invite neighbors or other acquaintances or co-workers for a movie or a coffee or even dinner at home. Maybe this small tea party helps other people looking for friends also end their search at you
  • Trace old friends Alumni associations, old friends on social media, these virtual friends can be made real-world friends

Tips to remember

Anything as far your personality traits or other obstacles that come your way need to be taken care of

  • Take time out for your friends from your busy schedule, only if you give time then alone will your friends will remain so forever. Everyone is busy, so making an effort to attend the get-togethers is valuable. Meet friends in a group if meeting individually is difficult
  • If someone seems uninterested, do not be disappointed. Everyone will not like you, nor will you like everyone. Try someone else. Concentrate on a long-term friendship, rather than getting hung up on people who are not interested
  • Be a better friend yourself if you are looking for good friends. Treat your friends like you would be treated. Be trustworthy, fun, considerate, sharing, respectful to deepen the connection.
  • Be a good listener, not too possessive, don’t be judgemental, be open and loving towards others, be helpful without too many expectations. Be forgiving for mistakes.



    The upshot is, you need friends and they need you. It doesn’t take much skill to cultivate this close and fascinating type of human bond, but it does take some effort. This effort will clearly pay off in helping you lead a more fulfilling life.


The Physics and Philosophy of thoughts

The Physics and Philosophy of thoughts

Thoughts travel very fast. While light travel at the rate of 1,86,000 miles per second, thoughts practically travel in no time. Thought is finer then ether, the medium of electricity.

The mind is like a wireless machine every thought you think, sends out vibrations in the entire universe, which travel for and wide in all directions. The velocity of thought is unimaginable. Thought has tremendous power. Thought can heal despises, it can transplant the mentality of people, it can do wonders.

Every thought has weight, shape, size, form, color, quality and power. A spiritual thought has yellow color. A thought full of anger and hatred is dark red color, and a selfish thought has brown color. Thought is living dynamic power, that exist in universe. A thought can create things and thought can destroy things, whereas nothing is good or bad in this world only your thought make it so.

Thoughts are faster and more powerful than electricity, they control your life, mould your character and shape your destiny. If the mind thinks some particular thought over and over again than it turns into reality. For example, if a person is sick, but keep thinking about good health and thinks he is better every day, the person will recover and regain good health very soon. Thoughts always influence the body, grief in the mind weakens the body. When you are angry the mind gets disturb, when mind is disturb the whole body is disturb, therefore it is very important to keep a careful check on the thoughts to live a balance life. Thoughts are also like magnates- “Like attracts like.” People of similar thoughts are attracted to each other. Like the proverb goes “birds of the same fathers flock together”. A poet is drawn to another poet , a philosopher likes the company of another philosopher.

life forces thoughts influences and conditions from the universe that match your own thoughts and likes. A person needs to be aware of the laws of thoughts and have an understanding a fear operation. For example- like the captain of ship who has a mariner’s compass has the knowledge of the sea, its roots, the weather and current of water, can sail smoothly. Otherwise the ship can drift away here and there or can dash against some icebergs or rock. Like wise to sail properly in life we need to have good knowledge of the laws of thoughts and there nature to reach the goals of our lives or to create a destiny of our choice.

Be careful of your thoughts what you sends out comes back to you. If you love others, love will come back to you. If you hate others hate will come back to you. A continuous repeated thought of hatred can convert into revenge. Revenge is one days pleasure whereas forgiveness is ever lasting joy, but forgiveness is also cultivated through continuous and repeated thoughts. So think, what you want to become in life. And let your thought process flow in that direction.

Problem solving tips

Businesses and companies often come across problems in various fields,  be it day to day operations, the staff, finances, marketing, customer satisfaction and so on. That’s why big companies and businesses have committees which do the problem-solving. As part of the problem-solving team, you should learn to handle problems well and know the process of problem-solving.

Defining a problem. While studying, we are given a problem and asked to solve it. In reality, we first have to find out what the actual problem is, then alone try finding solutions or workarounds, else we start treating the symptoms or the perceived problem instead of the actual one. Keeping a bucket under a leaky roof is treating the problem or the symptom? Let us take another example often mentioned when defining a problem and innovative solutions.

Soon after the upper floors of a high rise hotel had been renovated, the guests complained that the elevators were too slow. The manager’s instructions to solve the perceived problem were to find a way to speed up the elevators.
After the elevator experts were called, it was determined that nothing was wrong with the elevator. Which led to deciding to install another elevator. But to their immense relief, before installing the new one, the real problem was uncovered.  The real problem was to find a way to take the minds of the guests off their wait as the current elevator was now traveling more number of floors.  The guests stopped complaining when mirrors were installed on each floor in front of the elevator because of the mental diversion 

Assessing the nature and magnitude of the problem, restructuring the problem, its impact. Listing the forces that lead to desired goals and the forces that hinder the progress to the desired goals. Focus on the important elements of the problem

Determine Cause of the problem Collect information and collect data of what happened before and after the problem. Compare situations with and without the problem. Find out the root cause of the problem.

Generate ideas, Brainstorming. Generating the greatest number of ideas uncritically, without evaluating them

Evaluate the ideas Select the alternatives that seem most likely to succeed. Apply theories, refer to written material available. Specify the methods and other resources required to implement the chosen strategy and have a plan of action ready

Evaluate the outcome of applying the strategy Defining what a successful outcome means – in terms of explicit criteria. Follow the steps below to apply the strategy.

Simplify the problem  Some problems overwhelm us with their complexity, it may help if the problem is simplified.

Dissect the problem Breaking the problem into pieces and attacking one part at a time may be helpful

Working backward may offer a faster solution. Recreate events, start with a possible solution and see what makes sense

Your attitude when problem-solving

  1. Do not lose focus of the problem and do not let the plethora of information, useful and not so useful, deviate you.
  2. Teamwork Work with someone to produce better solutions
  3. Be Positive Accept the problem and look at it as a learning opportunity also accept the mistake one makes while in the process of solving a problem
  4. Open Mind and Rational Thinking Be open and flexible to ideas and the multiple solutions available.Approach the problem logically
  5. All-encompassing view Looking at the bigger picture and the context can help determine the best possible solution
  6. Commitment to solving the problem and continued effort shall definitely pay off

Using your knowledge and creativity exercise into solving the problem at hand. Be part of the solution, not the problem!


19th February 2018

Coping With Financial Stress

Financial stress can go from inflicting damage on your wallet to ruining your health if you’re not careful. It is even one of the most common stressor that has the capability of triggering long-term diseases wrecking havoc to the budget further  As with any problem, the first step is to know the enemy so you can fight it. What is causing your financial stress? The obvious answer may be money but in what context and how can you cope with the stress being caused thereof. Here are a few practical ways to get over this financial stress

Your job is the most valuable asset, it pays your bills and takes care of your regular expenses. Be sure that your job doesn’t get affected. If feasible pursue a part-time or another working option for added income. There are various websites like   and that allow this option of additional income.

Start with creating a budget it is the best tool to get control of the finances it helps you decide when and how you are going to spend your money and will change your financial situation by cutting expenses in different areas each month to get a perfect balance.

Contingency fund Start setting aside some money to cover for unforeseen events or an emergency. Start small and then work up to about six months of your expenses. Surprisingly the stress will start reducing once the savings start building.

Question the not enough feeling of inadequacy you might have. Often comes from childhood deprivation or any other trauma. Work on your mind, know that self-esteem is an internal characteristic, not defined by your external status or social, financial position

Goal setting, having a dream such as clearing major loans in a particular time span.

Find out what needs to be changed, your source of income or your spending habits. Once the cause of the problem is detected, work on solving it. Look for a better paying job, write down your expenses to eliminate sources of unwanted expenses. Start clearing bills slowly but steadily, start with higher interest rate cards

No one minds your money as well as you will. Don’t look to be taken care of by someone else, learn to manage your money on your own, take advice and suggestions refer to finance magazines and websites to be able to manage your finances wisely. You can also take financial courses that coach you through budgeting and other aspects of your personal finances.

Try physical exercise, maybe swimming, dancing, walking, meditation to reduce stress. Regular exercise will. Think and talk positively. Do not get into the wishful thinking mode of having more money and being able to spend it on your dreams. Think different ways of making more money

Plan time to relax and stay in touch with people you care about.  Venting out your emotions with them might also help. Meet friends and family, spend happy time with them to take your mind off the stress.  There are lots of things you can do and places you can go that are free, or cost just a little.

In some cases, earning more money is the solution to financial problems, not to the extent of inflating your lifestyle when you get more of it. This will neither reduce your stress nor bring you more happiness.  So remember that no one is immune from money stress, not even the super wealthy. It is how you manage your money and how it in turn manages you.


27th February 2018