Time Management Mantra

As children, we often heard our parents say, time and tide wait for no man. Did we understand the profundity of the statement then? No one knows, but time has its own way of teaching us how important it is and how it is not time that we can manage but Ourselves in whatever of it is at our disposal. Like the story about a boy who was told that if he gets a “Precious Present” he would be happy forever, all his life he was in search of it until one day he realised that it was not a gift but the Present that we live in is most precious and makes us happy forever, not the past, not the future, but the present, the NOW that we have, what we make of it and how we manage ourselves NOW is what counts.

Practise the following tips to manage this Precious Present and Now for optimum productivity

Start with recording your thoughts conversations activities (do this for around a week) this will help you contemplate on what and how much time is spent on the important and not so important tasks, this record will show if you spend more time on low-value jobs. Will also help you find the time of the day you are most productive

Prioritize the tasks, use Stephen Covey’s time management matrix to distinguish important and urgent tasks. Classify the tasks according to the relative worth of the activities and work accordingly and then do the right things correctly for maximum efficiency

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In school, we were always given a timetable to follow it kept us on time similarly making a timetable and planning your day will help us keep up with time. Make to-do lists and checklists to help you achieve your goals. The illusive and the elusive ones. the work at hand spreads across the time available so, allocate a time limit for each task.

Avoid Time Wasters. Do not answer phones and messages out of compulsion or habit. Blockout distractions like the social media when you need to focus on the work at hand

Say No to Procrastination, try doing at least one procrastinated task now

Schedule some contingency time for unforeseen tasks and interruptions

Set a Deadline for yourself. Deadlines give you a sense of purpose and accountability. They help you stay motivated and keep going

We live in the real time when time flies when having fun or drags when bored. Time is like sand we are mere witnesses of how it slides through the gaps between our fingers, with each passing moment there has to be cognizance of how it is spent and how it gives direction to the next. Be the Master of your own time!


30th January 2018


Lakshmi Puja

Lakshmi means Laksh – “the Goal”
Lakshmi puja is one of the important rituals performed on the festival of Diwali by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhist. Lakshmi is the goddess of light, beauty, good fortune, money and prosperity. People clean their houses, offices, shops and industries and also decorate it with lights and lamps and make rangoli in front of their premises, rangoli give auspicious start to the festival, to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. Out of five days of festival, third day of festival is Lakshmi Puja day, on Amavasya ( new moon day) of Krishna Paksha (Dark fortnight) in the Vikram Samvat Hindu calendar month of Ashwin, all family members get together and offer prayers. Lakshmi puja has to be done during pradosh kaal which starts, after sunset and remains for 2 and half hours.
A piece of new red cloth should be spread on the raised platform. A handful of grains are sprayed in the middle of the cloth, a kalash made of metal is filled with water mixed with ganga jal , is placed on top, 5 pan leaves, and coconut are also decorated on kalash, a flower, a coin and some rice grains are also kept together. A lotus is drawn over the rice grain with turmeric powder. The ideal of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi are placed in the front. Goddess Lakshmi is bathed with panchamrit (A mixture of milk, butter, curd, honey, sugar, tulsi leaves) and then with water. Her idol is cleaned and placed back. Then turmeric (Haldi) and kumkum (Red vermillon) is offered to goddess lakshmi. A lamp and incense is lit. A Swastika symbol is drawn on the safe, vault and the important business books, it is worshiped as a symbol of Lord Kubera. Also (Diyas) light is lit, in the evening the family members get together and pray first Lord Ganesha, after that they worship Goddess Lakshmi, for the success, happiness and prosperity. People worship Goddess lakshmi and recite a special mantra for 108 times, and aarti is performed for the prosperity. Then sweets are distributed as prasad to the people who get together. After that crackers are burn to complete the puja.
Ganesh is worshipped at the beginning of every auspicious occasion. On this festival we worship lakshmi the goddess of money and wealth, Sarswati the goddess of knowledge (books), Kubera the treasure of devas.
During this festival people exchange gifts, sweets and good wishes with each other to recognise important relations and friends. All the energies like smell, taste, touch, seeing, hearing exist together on this festival. On this day, the mothers, who work hard all the time are recognised by the family. Mothers are seen to embody a part of Lakshmi, the good fortune and prosperity of the house.

Darwin’s Theory Wrong – Satyapal Singh

Saturday, January 20, 2018, several reports were out about the Union Minister, Satyapal Singh’s speech made in Aurangabad at the ‘All India Vedic Sammelan’. He was quoted saying, “Darwin’s theory of Evolution is scientifically wrong”. Singh, the Junior Minister of State for Human Resource Development, the department responsible for education in India also said, “It needs to change in school and college curriculum. Ever since humans came to Earth, they have always been humans,” he said. He also stated that nobody ever saw an ape turn into a human and that our ancestors nowhere mentioned that they ever saw an ape turning into a human. He did not offer any scientific counter to the theory though
Darwin’s theory states that all life has descended from a common ancestor, this evolution took millions of years. All complex forms of life evolved from simpler ones through genetic mutation.

Scientists attacked him for dismissing Darwin’s theory. Scientists said it was politically polarizing science, they said that the minister lacks knowledge. Scientists from all the well-known academies of India have unanimously drafted a letter urging him to retract his statement. The letter mentioned that Indian scientists and scientifically oriented ones are pained by his claim. There is plentiful and undeniable scientific evidence to the fact that humans and apes had a common ancestor, every new discovery adds support to Darwin’s insight. Also, statements like Singh’s would harm efforts to propagate scientific thought in the country, that it would also diminish the image of the country at the global level. This petition after being signed by the supporters will be submitted to the Ministry of HRD, the PM’s office, and the President on the 24th of January 2018.

Celebrities also took a dig at him by telling him to stop Monkeying around and tweeting things like even apes have joined the protest against the theory and deny any involvement in the creation of human beings. Even the opposition attacked BJP and the PM for appointing someone who has no regard for scientific reasoning

However, on Sunday, Singh stood by his remarks. He said that Darwin’s theory was being challenged by various eminent scientists the world over and that “Darwinism is a Myth”. He said that he-Singh,  was a man of science so would not make claims without any basis. He even proposed for an international debate on the issue to decide if Darwin’s evolution theory merited a place in school textbooks. All types of scientists be invited to the debate. According to him, media was fuelling controversy over his statement

99% of the human DNA and that of the Chimpanzee match and that is proof enough of Darwin’s theory. But before concluding that logic and reason was soundly defeated by Singh’s statement, one needs to keep in mind his background , he is an MSc, an MPhil in Chemistry from Delhi University, has an MBA in Strategic Management from Australia, and an MA in Public Administration, including a PhD on the Naxalite movement. Some food for thought!



23rd January 2018


Laxmi is the Goddes of money, prosperity, and good fortune. She is the wife of Lord Vishnu. She is the form of Shakti (Energy, Power). She is portrayed in red sari with gold ornaments. She typically stands or sits on lotus, and holds lotus, a symbol of purity, self realisation, knowledge and liberation. She is Goddess of Dharma, Karma, Artha and Moksha. In India, all women are declared to be embodiments of Laxmi.

In India not only Hindus but also Buddhist, Jains and Sikhism adore Goddess Laxmi. There are many mythological stories on Goddess laxmi. One of them is about Samudra Manthan (The Milky Ocean). This epic episode is given in Bhagavata Purana, and also in Mahabharata and in Vishnu Purana. It is said when in the battles of Devas and demons led by Bali and devas were defeated. Devas went for help to Lord Vishnu. And Lord Vishnu asked Devas to treat demons in a diplomatic manner. Devas formed an alliance with demons to jointly churn the ocean for the nectar of immortality and to share it amongst them. The churning of ocean was a process. Mount Mandara was used as the Churning rod and Vasuki snake became churning rope. The Samudra manthana process released many things like- poison, Ratnas (gems, treasures), Kamdenu(the wish granting divine cow), Airavata ( elephants), Uchhaishravas (7 headed horse), Parijat, Sharanga, Chandra, Shankha, Jyestha and finally Goddess Laxmi came out of milky ocean with a kalasha filled with nectar of immortality.

Siddhi Mantras are known as Laxmi Mantra, when these mantras are chant with devotion, gives positive energy. These mantras word off all the troubles, and gives success in life

Diwali is the biggest festival of Hindus. All Hindus worship Goddess Laxmi on Diwali. People clean their houses, offices, shops and industries and also decorate it with lights and lamps and make rangoli in front of their premises, to welcome Goddess Laxmi. This festival marks the victory of good over evil. Out of five days of festival on Laxmi pooja day, all family members get together and offer prayers, people worship Goddess Laxmi and recite a special mantra for 108 times to get prosperity:-The mantra is “OM SHRING HRING KLING AING SAUNG OM HRING KA A EE LA HRING HA SA KA HA LA HRING SAKAL HRING SAUNG AING KLING HRING SHRING OM”. This mantra can be recited loudly, whispered or silently, but with concentrated mind. If a person recites this mantra every day for 108 times, and maintains that over a traditional 40 days, starting from the day of Dhanteras, brings greatest benefit. Person has to face East side while chanting mantra. Diwali puja has to be done during pradosh kaal which starts after sunset and remains for 2 and half hours.



“Have confidence!” is one of the most important pieces of advice you will receive in life. In the purest sense, confidence is knowing what you are good at, the value you provide and acting in a way that conveys that to others.


To achieve even the smallest of goals, and to get through life’s daily responsibilities, you have to have some self-confidence. The importance of developing a self-confident attitude allows you to wade through the push and pull of different voices and opinions telling you “yes, no, maybe, do this, do that” etc.

The University of Illinois article notes that your parents may have instilled self-confidence in you by encouraging self-reliance and giving you love even when you made mistakes.

Sitting quietly with your eyes closed and mentally visualizing yourself in great detail as a confident person is a great way to start being confident. After repeatedly visualizing yourself being and acting confident, and achieving what you wish by confidently going after it.

Becoming self-confident doesn’t mean you are unrealistic about yourself and your situation. You understand that you are not Superman, but being confident means still moving forward towards your goal achievement and desire even when things don’t seem to be going your way.



Tell them when they have done a good job on an exam or report.


Give only genuine praise. If you provide empty praise, they will not feel as motivated to push themselves harder


Set realistic goals for each student. Recognize that every child is different and has different learning capabilities. Make goals realistically achievable so that the children will feel a  sense of responsibility. Don’t make a task too easy or too challenging


Create an open, positive environment for learning. Get to know your students on an individual level. Call them by name when you ask them a question. Give them credit for trying even when they give the wrong answer.

A Study published in the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COSMETIC SCIENCE showed that giving men some cologne improved their confidence enough to be rated as visibly more attractive in a photograph. Similarly, researchers at WEBSTER UNIVERSITY found something as simple as confident, direct smile from a woman was enough to catch the attention of a potential date.

The importance of confidence in romantic relationships doesn’t end at the dating phase, either. The researcher published by JOURNAL OF PERSONALITY AND SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY  showed that men in particular can have a tendency to feel worse about themselves or their relationship when their partner has a higher level of success.

Underneath it all, most of this trick all the centre around one theme: making you feel better about doing things you are good at or who you are. Confident people believe in success. And more importantly , they believe in their ability to succeed.

“Believe in yourself”

Dr.Shireesha Maddali BDS ,FMC,MBA

Financial Security

What makes a person secure about something? As security expert Bruce Schneier states, “Security is both a feeling and a reality.” The belief of not having enough is what makes one insecure. It is important to cater to the internal and external reasons for insecurity and then work towards the awareness of releasing yourself from the pattern or mental block

Let us see what gives us external financial security

Steady income. This is the foremost factor that makes one feel secure. If you have a steady income, your lifestyle expenses and the running costs are taken care of

No Debt. The lesser the debt, the lesser the stress. Clearing present debts gives a sense of empowerment. Credit card debts are a strict NO-NO Mortgages increase the pressure and hamper one’s mental health

Insurance. Life, health and so on. Accidents can and do happen, and if one is adequately insured, he is saved from financial ruin. Insurance provides protection to the assets built by your hard earned money

Emergency savings and Investments. This is a safety net for urgent or unforeseen expenses or more serious ones like illness or unemployment

Homeownership. Is probably the biggest financial and emotional decision of a person’s life. It gives a person a sense of pride and security

When all these are achieved one gets a sense of financial security. Now the question is how does one attain these goals With a basic understanding of saving, budgeting and investing, the probability of a solid financial future increase

Act and Earn

Financial security can be increased by financial literacy
Extra income never harmed anyone. Have an additional stream of income apart from the regular, steady source for the unforeseen events that lie ahead

Plan a budget and stick to it

Plan a practical budget. Consider all your expenses including rent, utilities, food, tuition fees, transportation and any other miscellaneous expenses. If after all this you are in the negative, you need to trim your budget. If in the positive, its time to save.

Think before you spend

Like time, spending money also expands to one’s income. Prioritize your expenses. Spend less than you earn. Dispensible expenses can be cut and the same finances used to find the bigger dreams in life. This will need some self-control but will reap high benefits in the future. Live simply today to have a comfortable tomorrow


Saving will help improve net worth. Have a portion of the income automatically go into term deposits or other investments, compulsive savings is the only way one can get into the habit of saving. Spend what is left after saving. Have daily, monthly and annual goals for savings. One very important thing to remember while investing is ‘Do not put all your eggs in the same basket’ so you have a backup that you can bank on. Choose something to save for, a house, your child’s education or your retirement.

Be Debtfree

Take loans as far as possible only for the most important assets, home, education loan. Pay bills on time, it not only saves you from paying penalties but also gives you a good credit score. Never borrow money to support your lifestyle

Protect your assets

Risk management is an important aspect of protection of assets. Protect yourself, get a health insurance; and life insurance to protect your family

No Procrastination, no waiting for a magic solution. Pull up your socks and start working towards a financially secure future!!



Frankincense Essential oil


FRANKINCENSE OIL is from the genus boswellia and sourced from the resin of the boswellia carterii that’s commonly grown in Somalia. This tree is different from many others in that it can grow with little soil in dry conditions. The word FRANKINCENSE comes from the term “franc encens”which means quality incense in old French.

Frankincense oil is used by either inhaling the oil or absorbing it through the skin, usually mixed with a carrier oil(jojoba, olive). It is believed that the oil transmits messages to the limbic system of the brain which is known to influence nervous system

It has broad range of uses from enhancing the spiritual and meditative practice to use in beauty routines.It has an earthy, uplifting aroma that’s perfect for grounding and spiritual connectedness.

Helps reduce stress reaction and negative emotions.
Helps boost immune system function and prevent illness.
May help fight cancer or deal with chemotherapy side effects.
Astringent and can kill harmful germs and bacteria.
Heals skin and prevents signs of aging.
Balance hormonal level.
Acts as a sleep aid.

It can be uses as stress-relieving bath soak, natural household cleaner and as an anti aging oil.

Sometimes this oil can cause certain reactions which includes minor skin rashes, digestive problems like nausea or stomach ache.

Frankincense has blood thinning effects,so anyone who has problems related to blood clotting should not use this oil.

“Beautiful skin requires commitment,not a miracle”

Dr.Shireesha Maddali AROMATHERAPIST




Peelings are among the oldest and most widespread aesthetic procedure used in aesthetic dermatology world wide. The classification of peels comprises SUPERFICIAL,MEDIUM DEPTH AND DEEP PEELS. Superficial peels exfoliates the epidermal layer whereas the medium depth exfoliates epidermal to papillary dermis layer and the depth helps in reaching up to reticular dermis layer for regeneration.


It involves the application of a chemical substance to destroy layers of the skin such that they are then spontaneously eliminated over several days and repair mechanism of the epidermis and dermis are induced.

  • PRE-PEELING PREPARATION (PRIMING):-Preparing the skin for peeling  and for the regeneration process.(TRETINOIN,AHA).
  • PRE TREATMENT :-It is very important  for homogenous penetration of the peel and thus the uniform result. The skin is cleansed to remove oil and grease to eliminate debris from the stratum corneum(ACETONE),skin is then rinsed and dried.
  • TREATMENT:-The peeling agent is then applied using an applicator/brush. Contact time depend on the caustic agent used and the desired depth .The peel is neutralized with sodium bicarbonate  or water.
  • POST PEELING CARE:-To accelerate healing moisturizers are prescribed. As the skin become sensitive post chemical exposure ,sunscreen is must before going out in the sun to protect the new skin forming.

Skin sags, bulges and more severe wrinkles do not respond well to chemical peels. Generally fair skinned and light haired are better candidates. Darker skinned people likely to have an uneven skin tone after the procedure.


  • ALPHA HYDROXY ACID AHA:-The most commonly used product is glycolic acid. Concentration varying between 25%-70%.The higher the concentration ,the lower the pH, the more intense the peeling will be.
  • BETA HYDROXY ACID :-A’ peel using a lipophilic derivative of salicylic acid  has recently been introduced. The LHA is used in 5%and10% con.
  • RESORCIN:-The most widely used being jessner’s solution. This provide a superficial peel.




  • Redness
  • transient hyperpigmentation
  • pimples


  • Redness
  • herpes
  • hyperpigmentation
  • lentigines


  • Heart failure (phenol)
  • permanent achromia
  • hypopigmentation
  • infection
  • pain

Chemical peels represents flexible and useful tools for improving skin texture and the effect of aging. This technique is indicated for wrinkles,acne,pigmentary changes. The level of expertise of a dermatologist is crucial for the rate of side effects and the final peel results.

“Be your own kind of Beauty”

Dr.Shireesha Maddali BDS,FMC





Are you scared of dental treatments?

Most people with fear of dentist must have heard not so true facts or horror stories at some point in their lives which affected their consciousness. Oral health is often associated with overall health, which is why its so important to separate facts from fictions.


Over brushing the teeth can wear the teeth enamel due to the abrasive property of toothpaste/cleaning agent. This damage may leads to formation of dental caries. Brushing twice a day is perfect for your oral health. You can even rinse after eating and chew sugar free gum to avoid plaque formation.


Regular dental check-up, is recommended during pregnancy. The only thing we should remember that we should inform our dentist about the pregnancy before procedure since some treatments like extraction or minor surgeries are avoided during this phase.


It is necessary to have dental x-ray before any dental procedure to detect the disease carefully. It should not be feared because the radiation dose is very small when dentist use RVG’s or any other digital radiography techniques.


Any decision regarding the removal of wisdom teeth should be taken by your oral surgeon or dentist. There are very few cases when wisdom teeth cause crowding.


Regular brushing and flossing is very important to remove plaque build-up which causes gum bleeding. So if you are having a bleeding gums you must take care of your teeth by doing both.


Different types of mouthwashes are used to treat different types of dental conditions. Let your dentist decide what is correct for your issue, there isn’t a “one size fits all” model that can applied to your oral issues.

“Life is short smile while you still have TEETH”

Dr.Shireesha Maddali BDS