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If you wish to be free from financial fears, frustrations and failures, then you need to figure out all the reasons why you may be in bondage in the first place. Take an honest look at your spending patterns, debt position, savings routine and work ethic;

Do you always practice smart money habits?

Every thought you hold and action you take regarding your money will ultimately determine your financial status. So if you believe that you need to be dressed in the latest fashion and you use your credit card to buy outfits you can’t afford, accept that there will be negative consequences.

If you always give excuses why you don’t have the time or energy to try to earn extra income, understand that your frame of mind is helping to keep you broke. The only way to achieve your freedom is to chip away at all the unhealthy money practices that are preventing you from succeeding.

Determine a new direction

There is a popular saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” While it’s important to be persistent when working on your goals, if you’re heading in the wrong direction, or if you’re not even on the right road, then you will never reach your destination.

If you’re struggling to break free of financial woes, chances are the choices you made in the past were not aligned with your desired objectives. So, if you want to be independently wealthy but you spend all your time working in someone else’s business, then you will never have freedom of income.

Commit to your action plan

As the old English proverb states, “there’s many a slip between the cup and the lip.” With your freedom aspirations, there is often a wide gap between knowing what you need to do and actually carrying out your plans. The expired dreams of unsuccessful freedom seekers could fill a virtual graveyard.

To attain financial freedom you must be prepared to endure the uncertainty that comes from leaving your comfort zone, changing your routines, learning new skills, making mistakes and experiencing rejection. There’s a price to pay for freedom and you can’t escape the sacrifices that are required.


Get guidance from mentors

A mentor is someone who is willing to assist you to accomplish something that he or she has already achieved. Having this level of guidance from a person who has attained the prize of financial freedom will be essential as there are so many pitfalls and challenges that might hinder you along your journey.

While you may not know a wealthy person who is accessible to give you advice, you can still receive mentorship lessons by reading books and surfing online. Identify someone who has succeeded in creating the lifestyle you desire, and research details on the steps they took to attain their objectives. is one of the best site that can guide you for having more than one money source.

If asked “What does financial freedom mean to you?” different people will provide diverse definitions.

One basic concept of money freedom is the ability to finance your preferred lifestyle without stress or debt. To be financially free, you should have autonomy in your income and time to live as you desire.




Coping With Financial Stress

Financial stress can go from inflicting damage on your wallet to ruining your health if you’re not careful. It is even one of the most common stressor that has the capability of triggering long-term diseases wrecking havoc to the budget further  As with any problem, the first step is to know the enemy so you can fight it. What is causing your financial stress? The obvious answer may be money but in what context and how can you cope with the stress being caused thereof. Here are a few practical ways to get over this financial stress

Your job is the most valuable asset, it pays your bills and takes care of your regular expenses. Be sure that your job doesn’t get affected. If feasible pursue a part-time or another working option for added income. There are various websites like   and that allow this option of additional income.

Start with creating a budget it is the best tool to get control of the finances it helps you decide when and how you are going to spend your money and will change your financial situation by cutting expenses in different areas each month to get a perfect balance.

Contingency fund Start setting aside some money to cover for unforeseen events or an emergency. Start small and then work up to about six months of your expenses. Surprisingly the stress will start reducing once the savings start building.

Question the not enough feeling of inadequacy you might have. Often comes from childhood deprivation or any other trauma. Work on your mind, know that self-esteem is an internal characteristic, not defined by your external status or social, financial position

Goal setting, having a dream such as clearing major loans in a particular time span.

Find out what needs to be changed, your source of income or your spending habits. Once the cause of the problem is detected, work on solving it. Look for a better paying job, write down your expenses to eliminate sources of unwanted expenses. Start clearing bills slowly but steadily, start with higher interest rate cards

No one minds your money as well as you will. Don’t look to be taken care of by someone else, learn to manage your money on your own, take advice and suggestions refer to finance magazines and websites to be able to manage your finances wisely. You can also take financial courses that coach you through budgeting and other aspects of your personal finances.

Try physical exercise, maybe swimming, dancing, walking, meditation to reduce stress. Regular exercise will. Think and talk positively. Do not get into the wishful thinking mode of having more money and being able to spend it on your dreams. Think different ways of making more money

Plan time to relax and stay in touch with people you care about.  Venting out your emotions with them might also help. Meet friends and family, spend happy time with them to take your mind off the stress.  There are lots of things you can do and places you can go that are free, or cost just a little.

In some cases, earning more money is the solution to financial problems, not to the extent of inflating your lifestyle when you get more of it. This will neither reduce your stress nor bring you more happiness.  So remember that no one is immune from money stress, not even the super wealthy. It is how you manage your money and how it in turn manages you.


27th February 2018