Advantages Of Online Matrimony Sites

In this internet era, it is no surprise that even marriages are arranged on the internet instead of heaven. As man is becoming a global citizen, it is no surprise people are looking for their spouses in all parts of the world instead of being confined to one’s state or even country for that matter. Liberalization also has led to more and more youngsters opting for matrimonial sites like to find a perfect match for the happily ever after.

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These sites have the following advantages

  •  The soul mate search has been made so effortless that it is just a click away. The sites have superseded the cumbersome process of approaching the conventional matchmaker. Doing it in the comfort of one’s home with the availability of merely a computer and an internet connection or even a mobile app
  • Busy people and introverts who would otherwise either not have the time or would be too shy to venture out also can just register, that too usually for free  and enter their information and get started
  • The user-friendly algorithm lets you enter minute details of predisposition like the geographical, religious, occupational preference. Based on these choices and data, they notify the client through emails and messages. It is like the match is tailor-made to suit your criteria.
  • There are various filters that make the search specific and lead you to more like-minded matches, complementing  your value system, social standing and professional inclination
  • There are privacy features that guard your identity and limit it only to authentic or relevant parties. Even photos and pictures are protected so they cannot be downloaded or copied.
  • Chatting options are available so you can have a one on one chat with interesting or interested parties to get further details and arrange for eventual meetings.
  • Personalized assistants are also assigned if requested for, they use advanced tools and also help in detailed background research for the prospective brides/grooms
  • Demographic limitations are not a deterrent to the process as people from one corner of the world can easily connect with someone in another part of the world due to the ease and accessibility of these websites
  • It is easier even for parents who would otherwise depend on an agent, other community meetings or newspaper adverts, the web offers a wider spectrum in a more organized form for ease and comfort
  • Sharing and matching horoscopes is also done on many of these sites. Moreover, some of these websites offer help as far as booking venues, caterers, event managers and even honeymoon destinations. They are like a one-stop shop for the institution called marriage.

Though there are fraudulent cases that pop up in such events, one is advised to do a thorough background check and be cautious before taking the plunge. If a match does not click, the option for making friends is always open.  Marriage portals not only offer systematic database but also act as a medium for communication. The springing up of matrimonial sites is  primarily because of the diverse options they offer, making it a smooth sailing finding a perfect match


26th March 2018


How To Live Happily After

Meeting the right person at the right time, getting into a steady harmonious relationship and having a fairy tale life is everyone’s dream. As the saying goes, Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth, what is important that both the parties involved impart their duties well and do their bit to keep the relation happy and blissful.

Follow these tips to have a fulfilling marriage.

Answerability – Taking responsibility for your part helps build an intimate and strong relationship.

Independence – The key to a successful marriage is independence. Though there is emotional, financial and other dependence in a marriage, everyone needs to give and take space and needs a life outside of the other’s life to keep the individuality alive.

Communication – It is very important to take time out for each other every day and discuss day to day activities, life, work, life discussions and important decisions. Be a good listener to the problems, suggestions and even the most trivial things of your spouse.  Figure out your partner’s love language so you will always know how to speak to him or her

Acceptance – Don’t expect your spouse to change entirely for you, a little change in habits here and there is ok but an entire personality transformation is not possible. Accept your spouse as he or she is, only acceptance is the key to happiness. Love your spouse for the person he is not for what you want him or her to be. Look for positives in your spouse, change your own perspective

No Dominance – No one wants to be controlled by a spouse, don’t let the feeling of inadequacy grow in the other because of your dominating nature

No Blaming – Arguments happen between couples, learn the art of agreeing to disagree. Make sure they do not blow out of proportion, control your temperament. Realize that both partners have valid and reasonable perspectives which have to be considered. Don’t blame the other for any faults or situations in life.

Keep The Spark Alive – Have date nights, a simple dinner, some special time spent with each other strengthens the bond and maintains it over time. A movie night or a bowling game ramp up the fun factor. Small gestures, like a flower, a gift or a note left on the bag, cooking favourite meals also go a long way in keeping the romance alive.

Respect – Respect each other, keep insults and abuses to yourself. Support your partner’s well-being. Let respect and love be the foundation of your marriage

There are mistakes, frustrations in everyone’s life. Make it an adventurous experiment and learn how to get better and better in the relationship every day and make it a successful one. One has to work on a marriage to make it the ideal one. With more pleasurable times than painful ones moving slowly and steadily to a Happily Ever After!


29th February 2018

To Live-In Or Not To Live-In

When are you getting married is the most frequently asked question to girls and boys who come of age in an Indian society. Is marriage the only option or an alternative waits to be unveiled. The live in concept has slowly crept into the conservative yet ever-evolving Indian culture

‘Live-in-relationship’ is a living arrangement in which an unmarried couple lives together in a long-term relationship that resembles a marriage. It provides the youth an opportunity to know their partner before marriage without engaging in a legally binding relationship with them. India is a country of culture, religions and traditions and at the same time a country which is developing fast and embracing the global changes faster. When it comes to finding answers for such paradigms, we first need to come out of the right and wrong mindset. So let us weigh the pros and cons


  • The people involved, get to know each other’s characteristics, financial potential, physical and emotional strengths, family background, close relatives and so forth, which eliminates the element of surprise or horror when the relationship is sealed
  • Sharing and division of expenses
  • Neither of the partners is dependant on each other financially, socially or legally, so there is mutual respect in their relationship giving each other the space they need
  • A sense of maturity develops which becomes  a strong foundation of a lifelong relation
  • They can decide whether a long-term relationship is an option and if there are compatibility issues, they can walk out of the relationship
  • Also saves one from the expenses of a big fat Indian wedding and legal hassles associated with separation


  • The biggest drawback of a Live-in relationship is the social stigma attached to it in the Indian society. Even Indian parents are  not open to such ideas because of the notoriety attached to it
  • There is no sense of security in a live-in relation, be it emotional, financial or mental. A person can be led astray without giving a second thought. Does not give a person a sense of stability or a sense of dependability or even a sense of settling down
  • As there is no accountability, partners may suddenly break up the relationship which may cause emotional trauma to the other person involved
  • The possibility of one party exploiting the other, physically, emotionally or financially is high as there is no credibility towards society or the families.
  • Chances of getting bored and walking out are also high
  • Though no commitment but emotional attachment is always part of a relation which does affect the people involved, married or not
  • Though live-in relationships are legalized in the country and an act is legislated to protect women from an abusive relationship, but Legitimacy, and Inheritance, maintenance of children born out of wedlock presents a dilemma to the Indian Courts

Some may perceive it as a trivialization of responsibilities that come with a relationship as well as an effort to maximize the fun and fantasy part of life and eliminating the pain part. Some people may be of the view that live in reduces the number of divorces and the mental torture families go through also reduces domestic violence as the partner can leave anytime. Does it really? Thoughtworthy!

As society evolves, its values change and new experiments take place.  In a country like ours, live-in relationship culture will take time to establish.  It is more of an alternative, that leads to the more established institution of Marriage. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; so is living in that first step towards a happily after story?


25th January 2018