No Visit To The Store, I Still Get More

Some do it out of sheer pleasure, some out of laziness, others may do it due to a handicap, lack of transport, old age or the mere fun of going through your choicest products all at one time with just a click. Whatever the reason, the internet is the latest go-to shopping destination. Let’s find out why.

*Buy anything under the sun. From grocery to fashion to furniture to electronics to private islands to zombie survival kits anything and everything sells online. There is a wide range of products with innumerable brands from different sellers at one place. Web stores even offer a far greater selection of colors and sizes than found locally

*Ease and Convenience. Shopping in the middle of the night in your pajamas for fun or because you have been busy with your kids all day or are the workaholic who does not have time to buy the essentials during the day. With the advantage of no billing queues, no waiting for the store assistant to guide you through the merchandise, no crowded malls, no fight for parking spaces, no gas waste, online shopping offers an array of easy effective means to buy what you want sitting in the comfort of your house

*Nag-free shopping. As there are no tired husbands and cranky kids lugging along, nagging after you all the way. You can take as long as you like, no rush. In fact, you can even fill up your shopping cart over a period of several days or sleep over it and then click on BUY.

*No Overheads. A visit to the shopping mall carries with it the extra cost of the burgers and waffles that we binge on also the toys and the auxiliary items we buy only because they jump on at us from the store displays.

* Environment-friendly and baggage free shopping. You do not need to travel to the mall causing air pollution and finding yourself stuck in traffic jams. You are saved the effort of staggering around with tons of shopping bags

*Cheap Deals and great discounts. Websites offer way better deals than stores, they also offer higher discounts as they have low inventory and operational overheads. Various discount coupons or cash back offers for massive savings are also available. If try and buy is what you are looking at, try at your local store and buy online at a better deal. Works for me 😉

*Compare and shop. It is easy to compare the prices at a variety of stores with just a few clicks instead of store hopping.  Detailed product description and manuals are to our immediate access. Product reviews available also help us make better decisions.

*No Geographical boundaries. Be the International Diva with the latest collection of the season without traveling all the way to those countries.

When I sometimes go to a store, even though the store assistant shows me almost all of his stock, I end up liking nothing. To save me this embarrassment or the displeasure of the salesperson, I buy something that I know I wouldn’t use. Online shopping saves me from this embarrassment or compulsive buying and I totally appreciate it!!

Though it depends on the product in question or the touch and feel for some commodities, by and large people have reached the online shopping tipping point where more and more consumers prefer to shop online than in stores. To Each his own reason to shop online! What’s yours?

By N.S.S

10thJan, 2018



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