Easy way to lose weight

Slim people’s secret is they care about food quality, not quantity, they love home cooking, they know what they are eating. They listen to their bodies, they don’t miss their breakfast, their keep track of their weight, they play sport, they eat plenty of vegetables and protein, no carbs at all. Obese people are usually hungry, unsatisfied and rebound weight gain. The first step is to lose weight is to cut the carbohydrates temporarily as insulin fat storing hormone is triggered by eating lots of carbohydrates and when insulin goes down the body starts burning fat stores for energy. The kidney which has stored excess of sodium and water starts losing out reduces bloat and unnecessary water – weight. Carbohydrates are not a bad thing but if you are interested in fast weight loss then this is one of the easiest ways to see the scale move quickly. Cut down your carbs to 30-50 grams per day from 250 carbs. Eat a ton of protein whether you are vegetarian, pescetarian, libertarian, or whatever but there is one food you are almost assuredly are not eating enough of Protein. Protein is the doubly effective approach for fast effective weight loss. First, it reduces your appetite as protein is the most satisfying nutrients on our planet which obsessive thought about food is reducing by 60% by 441 fewer calories per day. It also boosts your metabolism as it raises your calories burned by 80-100 calories per day . Salmon, eggs, beef, Chicken, pork, mutton, all the dairy products like paneer, milk, buttermilk no cheese and butter as they are allowed only in few diets and the most important supplements like whey protein , casein . Anyone of these should be taken in every meal by 30- 50 grams. Sleep 7-9 Hours per night , Minimum . Underestimated tools for steady and consistent weight loss . Lack of sleep disturbs appetite hormones and it also raises your stress hormone , cortisol which can cause stubborn body fat and higher calorie intake . Sleep is where your body recovers and quality sleep has been proved to make you more productive and less likely to gain weight and help you with your weight loss goals . So make sure to get minimum 7 hours per night for fast weight loss or any health goals . Life weight at least 3 times in a week as lifting weight has a particular positive effect on fast weight loss. This is because of the down-regulation of metabolism. Doing a little bit of weight – lifting will keep this happening and hit the gym at least 3 times in a week and resistance training. Focus on the quality of your food –  It’s not that calories don’t matter they definitely do but the problem is when they obsess over calories and they forget about the importance of the quality of Food. When you start eating high-quality lean protein + vegetables + high quality of fats then weight loss will surely happen naturally.

Antioxidants :-The preventive ingredient to have healthy smile




One of the promising new technologies available to dental professionals involves the use of ANTIOXIDANTS. Understanding how they work requires revisiting basic chemistry to understand various events and processes that can cause cellular and tissue damage including oxidative stress, reactive oxygen species, free radicals, oxidation and reduction and the mechanism of antioxidant action. Tissue damage occurs when free radicals overwhelm the antioxidant reserve in the body.


1.ASCORBIC ACID(VIT C ):-Plasma ,saliva, GCF, CSF, synovial fluid.-Deficiency leads to gingival bleeding.

2.ALPHA-TOCOPHEROL(VIT E):-plasma, saliva-Deficiency leads to periodontal disease.

3.CAROTENOIDS(VIT A):-plasma-Deficiency leads to periodontal destruction.


Most strategies for managing periodontal disease involve control of the causative agent. So what is periodontal disease? These  are inflammatory process resulting from bacterial attack and host inflammatory response(immune response of an individual).Free radicals and reactive oxygen species i.e. ROS are responsible for the inflammatory response. Periodontal pathogens can induce ROS  overproduction and thus cause collagen  and periodontal tissue breakdown. When ROS are scavenged by ANTIOXIDANTS, collagen breakdown can be minimized. Decreased level of vitamin A and C, beta carotene , and beta crytoxanthine significantly increase the risk gingival disease. Periodontal tissue depends on natural antioxidants to overcome this oxidative stress and maintain homeostasis.

Recently it has been claimed that the imbalance in level of free radicals, reactive oxygen species and antioxidants in saliva plays in important role in the onset of dental caries. Most important would be the function of salivary peroxidase system(one of the major antioxidant system).

Antioxidants shows preventive and therapeutic potential in many stages of oral carcinogenesis. Researcher have recently  stated there is inhibition of oral cancer phenotypes after antioxidants intakes. Reversal or suppression of pre malignant lesion is very much witnessed post the trial of antioxidants.

Antioxidant provide a novel way of addressing oral diseases and conditions such as lichen planus, xerostomia, gingivitis and aphthous ulcer.

The antioxidants  micronutrients are important not only for limiting oxidative and tissue damage, but  also in preventing increased cytokine production, which is a result of prolonged activation of immune response. Dietary and other enzymatic antioxidants protects the lipids of lipoprotein and other bio membranes against oxidative damage by intercepting oxidants before they can attack the tissue.

Free yourself from free radicals. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Dr.Shireesha Maddali BDS